Top 10 Manga With Overpowered Main Characters That Will Make You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

There is a vast sea of Japanese comics with countless subgenres and stories, and the mangas of OP MCs are buried deep within a trench.

Finding a fantastic OP MC manga, however, is a rewarding experience, and there are many of stories to choose from in this subgenre of manga. However, many of them have the typical lengthy titles (thank the anime gods, Rimuru is actually a gem) that turn off potential viewers.

Seeing a protagonist win by sheer force is fascinating. Even if it’s usually just the start, sometimes that’s all it takes to vanquish naive foes.

Here is a list of our favorite manga in which we support the main character while knowing that they can easily overcome any challenge.

Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town?

Despite how silly it sounds, this is a satisfying title, so don’t let the length put you off.

This comic, affectionately abbreviated as LasDan, follows Lloyd Belladonna, the weakest citizen of Kunlun, as he travels to the city in an attempt to fulfill his childhood desire of becoming a soldier.

In reality, Lloyd is among the strongest people in the planet. The poor youngster has a warped sense of common sense because he grew up in a village established by the ancient saviors of humanity and close to the unconquerable Last Dungeon. It becomes hilarious as a result.

The world our cute and naive protagonist ventures into is anything but easy. For the average person. Lloyd’s incredible power, however, benefits far more people than he is permitted to know about.

Sakamoto Days

Who would have guessed that the overweight man with the ponytail running the local supermarket is actually a former super-assassin?

If you’re here, you’re presumably hoping for that very thing, as it’s a list.

When Taro Sakamoto was alive, he was widely regarded as the greatest assassin in history.

Then all of a sudden, Sakamoto falls in love and settles down to enjoy his retirement years in tranquility. However, this god of death continues to be haunted by his history.

The retired assassin who is still badass is given a new spin in this comedy/action manga.

While Sakamoto may appear to be a soft-spoken parent, he is actually a hidden sword who draws only when his loved ones are in danger.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Hajime Nagumo is the only one of his fellow isekai high school students to have the commonplace Transmutation skill, normally reserved for artisans and smiths.

Hajime begins the story with hope, but his optimism is dashed when he is betrayed during a training exercise and forced to descend into a terrifying maze.

Hajime battles his way back to the surface, this time utilizing the full extent of his talent; however, he does it with less naiveté and more of a hardened, badass demeanor.

The white-haired avenger, now armed with a gun, continues his exploration of dungeons, accumulating strength and occasionally a beautiful woman.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Computer programmer Ichirou Suzuki wakes up one day after a particularly taxing debugging session to find himself in another world, this time as a teenager going by the name Satou.

He also learns that the world is a competition and that a formidable squad of reptile men is closing in on his character, who is currently at Level 1.

Using the ability “Meteor Shower,” Satou wipes out a squad of foes and levels up to an absurdly high Lvl 310.

And what do you do if all of a sudden you have far superior statistics and abilities than everyone else? Satou’s response — and his actual plan — was to go sightseeing.

This main character travels from one location to another, enjoying gourmet meals and rescuing helpless women while killing off minor demon lords.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Similar to Harry Potter, but without Hagrid to confirm Harry’s suspicions that he is, in fact, a wizard. Instead, there’s Mash Burnedead, a guy who doesn’t use magic but instead relies on brute might to succeed.

Despite living in a magical realm, Mash must rely on mundane means to improve his physical condition. He trains like Saitama and achieves superhuman strength and stamina, allowing him to easily crush his opponents.

Mash decides to enroll in a magic academy and become a Divine Visionary when external forces threaten the peace he maintains.

His illustrious career begins at the academy, where he defeats his magical opponents with his absurd power, which he dubs “Muscle Magic.”

The New Gate

The New Gate Picture Sword Art Online, except instead of logging off after fighting the final boss, the main character immediately begins a new quest.

Shin, a top-tier combatant, defeated Origin in a life-or-death game called “The New Gate,” ending the game.

Shin is sent to the game’s future, 500 years in the future, when everything is real this time. The threat, alas, is also more tangible than ever.

Shin, however, finds out that he is now significantly stronger than he was before he faced and destroyed the final boss.

Shin explores the odd yet familiar world with the aid of his NPC subordinates, who have risen to become powerful and respected leaders.

Kaiju No. 8

The protagonist of Kaiju No. 8 is a guy who turns into a monster. Kafka Hibino, 32, wants to join the Defense Force but keeps getting rejected because he lives in a kaiju-infested environment.

Kafka gives up on his childhood passion for killing monsters and instead joins the post-battle cleanup company, Monster Sweeper Inc.

A tiny talking monster flies into his mouth, changing him from a normal human into an enormous monster with a voice.

Kaiju No. 8 is a unique take on the monster manga genre that offers a fresh perspective on the kaiju motif. Kafka, a name that fits him like a glove, is 32 years old and far past his prime, but the story’s unusual combination of ingredients will have you hooked by Chapter 1.


This is a great manga to add to your (overflowing?) collection of isekai stories. Re:Monster is the diary-style account of Tomokui Kanata’s rebirth after his death at the hands of a Yandere childhood friend. Yikes.

Instead of being a powerful human, Kanata is now Rou, a humble goblin who gains powerful through eating. Goblin Rou gradually evolves into superior being by absorbing their abilities and boosting factors through his diet.

In contrast to the typical one-hit destruction and sudden level-ups of other isekais, Re:Monster’s slow approach and dark monologues give off a vibe all its own.

Farming Life in Another World

Here’s a manga for you if you’re looking for a considerably less tense and hectic isekai.

Machio Hiraku is offered reincarnation with cheats in a parallel universe. Hiraku, however, rejects the role of the heroic reincarnator in favor of a quiet life as a farmer.

There must be a catch, seeing as how this manga made it onto this list. The supernatural deity bestows upon Hiraku the omnipotent AFT, or All-Purpose Farming Tool.

He can grow anything from seed with just a thought. However, he can also chop down grass, trees, monsters, and even mountains on occasion.

Farming Life is such a compelling premise for an isekai that it will air in 2023.

LV999 Villager

Reread the title, taking your time with it this time. An enlightened villager is the protagonist of this comic. Imagine a non-playable character in a game who finds out that slaying monsters is a good way to earn money. This is what Kagami Kouji does up until he maxes out at level 999.

Kagami defies convention by becoming a powerful villager—the lowest of roles—in a world where God grants certain individuals to become heroes or sages.

Even though the protagonist has a laid-back lifestyle while reaching such an insane level, he occasionally saves individuals and villages, demonstrating that a blessed hero isn’t necessary to achieve good.

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