17 Best Uses for a Smart TV (Tips and Tricks)

Are you thinking about purchasing a smart TV, or do you already own one but aren’t sure how else to use it outside of streaming Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video?

The good news is that a smart TV can be used for a variety of tasks, including syncing with other smart gadgets for a more pleasurable experience.

Radio listening, gaming, and using fitness applications to work out are some of the top uses for a smart TV. Additionally, you may use its screen to see pictures from your phone, check Facebook, hold video conversations with loved ones, or even watch Earth from orbit.

Learn more about some of the greatest applications for smart TVs, their unique features, and how to get the most out of them by reading on.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to maximise your home automation system by combining your smart TV with other smart devices.

What Does a Smart TV Do That a Regular TV Doesn’t?

The only difference between a smart TV and any other contemporary standard TV is that a smart TV can connect to the internet wirelessly.

However, you would first need to use a special connection to link your conventional TV to your laptop or computer so that it could access, control, and display internet material.

In other words, a typical TV would serve as nothing more than a substitute for your computer monitor.

A smart TV, on the other hand, has its own Wi-Fi receiver and can connect to the internet all by itself, without the need for a computer or any other gear.

Similar to how you use your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you may enhance a smart TV with applications.

You can use your smartphone as a keyboard for your smart TV because your smart TV accepts input from your smartphone’s keyboard as well.

This makes it much simpler for you to write things like your login and password or anything you wish to check up on the internet.

It’s a useful function because it might be inconvenient to search for text using the TV’s remote control rather than by typing. A wireless smart TV keyboard is also an option if you’d like.

1. Stream Shows, Movies, Videos, and Live Feeds

Streaming is always at the top of the list of applications for a Smart TV, provided you have an Internet connection.

You may view the shows and movies they provide whenever you want on your smart TV if you have a subscription to online video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, CBS All Access, or HBO Max.

Additionally, you may access live feeds or live programmes for events like concerts, newscasts, professional football games, as well as religious services and masses.

If you’re into these video games yourself, you may observe and learn their skills while they play if some gamers, for example, live-stream their gaming sessions.

Depending on your interests, you may also see live streams that concentrate on a number of different subjects.

For instance, check out your preferred birding YouTube channel, for instance, if you adore birds.

Even better, you can view the surface of the world hanging in deep space by watching a live stream from the International Space Station.

You may simply view these events as they are happening in real-time as long as you have the link.

There are also services like Ustream and YouTube Live that are made just for these live feeds.

2. View Ratings and Recommendations

Being able to get suggestions for what to watch is one of the best things about smart TVs because they are linked to the internet.

If you have a Netflix subscription, for instance, you may see what the majority of other users in your region or nation have been watching lately.

As a result, you’ll be aware of current events and popular shows.

The popularity rankings for these programmes are also provided.

You’ll receive suggestions based on your viewing history or the kinds of episodes and movies you have already seen, in addition to understanding what’s worth watching based on the tastes of the majority of other people.

You will see matches in the genres and with the actors that you often watch on streaming platforms. The proportion of the match will also be visible.

The shows that often appear first on your page are thus suggestions based on what’s trending and what matches your tastes.

3. Listen to the Radio

You may listen to your preferred radio station on a smart TV even while you’re not driving! Use tools like TuneIn to find local radio stations and sort them by language, location, and type of music.

You may stream music or listen to podcasts from well-known services like Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio using smart TVs as well.

To listen to it while drinking coffee in the morning, taking a shower, cooking, playing with your children, working out, or enjoying a glass of wine before bed, all you have to do is download the app onto your smart TV.

4. Play Video Games With Friends

Some businesses, like Samsung, give customers access to game streaming services like Steam so they can stream their preferred PC games directly to their smart TVs.

Additionally, Apple TV and Android TV users can purchase the Steam Link. You may play the games with a Sony Dualshock controller, and the PlayStation Now streaming service is available on Samsung and Sony smart TVs.

You may always check out the various game applications that you can buy and play straight on your smart TV if your device can’t access Stream or PlayStation Now.

This is a terrific feature to have when you’re having friends over to play games since it allows everyone to watch the game’s progress without having to crowd around your much-smaller PC monitor, and you get to enjoy much sharper and clearer images.

A Bluetooth controller or wireless keyboard will do.

Of course, you can connect your game console to your smart TV and play just like you would on a regular TV.

5. Exercise With Fitness Apps

You can reach your fitness goals if you use your smart TV to its fullest.

Get ready with your yoga mat, download your preferred fitness and workout applications, and work out in front of the screen.

Another alternative is to go straight to YouTube, search for videos of stretching and workout routines by a fitness enthusiast of your choosing, and then work out till you’re sweaty.

You can pause streaming training videos, which is a pretty useful feature.

If you needed to go to the restroom, grab some water, or were distracted by your kids, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing anything.

You may also change the playback speed if you wish to do the exercises at your own pace. While still keeping pace with the teacher, you can go a little slower or faster.

You can also use your smart TV and gaming console together to play your favourite fitness game in front of your sensor and burn some calories.

Shpe Up, Zumba, Just Dance, and many more sports and workouts are available on Xbox One, and you can use your Kinect to follow the motions and monitor your form.

6. Display Photos

Connect your smartphone to your smart TV to send images to the device and show them on the screen.

If you own a restaurant or shop, you could use this capability as a display screen for your merchandise. Alternatively, you could use your phone to make a slideshow of these images that you could then play on repeat on your TV. You could even include movies.

7. Check Your Social Media Pages

Check your social media accounts on your smart TV if using your smartphone’s small screen is making your eyes sore.

On a larger screen, you may make comments, view your Facebook timeline, and peruse your friends’ Instagram photographs.

Just download social networking apps to your TV and sign in, or connect your TV to your smartphone.

By simply linking your TV with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, you can also use your smartphone or tablet as your keyboard and remote control to make updates on your social media accounts.

Additionally, you may exchange TV-saved recordings and images.

8. Use TV Screen for Video Chats With Friends and Loved Ones

Use your smart TV instead of your phone to video chat or make video calls to your loved ones.

The only thing required is to attach a camera to your TV and download video-calling software like Skype.

You won’t have to hold your smartphone in front of your face with an extended arm till it hurts when you’re prepared to spend face time with faraway family members.

Additionally, there’s no need to swarm around your phone or cluster in front of your laptop if there are other individuals who want to communicate.

Rather than having to take turns and compete for camera time, your loved ones may now speak with the entire family at once as you relax on the couch.

Use a larger screen for your online shopping.
Use your smart TV instead of your smartphone to enhance your online shopping experience.

With a larger screen and shopping applications installed, you can locate better items and bargains.

Images will be easier to see, and you won’t have to strain your eyes to read the small-print descriptions and customer evaluations.

10. Turn Your Smart TV Into a Digital Calendar

You can use your smart TV as a digital calendar to show your daily schedule and reminders.

This is great for college students who have a lot of extracurricular activities and need to keep track of them, as well as for busy parents who have trouble keeping track of everyone’s schedules and activities.

You may enter schedules and reminders as they appear if you download a calendar app on your smart TV.

You can schedule everything in your life to appear on the TV when you turn it on, from ballet class to football practise, laundry pick-ups to supermarket trips, recitals to PTA meetings.

This way, everything is visible to everyone, even the most recent modifications you have made.

11. Surf the Web

Most modern smart TVs have a built-in web browser that works just like the browsers on your phone and computer.

You may do rapid searches, and your TV screen will show search results and open online pages for you, despite certain restrictions.

This is quite useful, particularly if you find yourself with a text-heavy document or if you’re searching for anything with a group.

12. Sing Karaoke

Why not have a karaoke party at your house?

Your smart TV may be converted into a karaoke machine by downloading and installing a karaoke app, connecting it to your microphone, and doing so right away.

You’ll get access to the top songs and karaoke favourites on the app, so you can sing along with your loved ones.

You may download free apps like Karaoke Free and StarMaker.

Then there are applications like Smule that provide video and microphone filters. Along with sharing your performances with them, you may also join a group of wannabe singers and music fans.

Start by looking through our list of the top karaoke applications for your smart TV.

13. Connect With Your Other Smart Devices

You may include your smart TV in your automated home system by connecting it to other smart devices.

You could, for example, set up your smart hue lights so that they change based on what is shown.

Check out this YouTube video to see how smart TVs, gaming consoles, and smart hue lighting are all coordinated and how they all function together:

Additionally, you can link your smart TV to a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo (sold on Amazon.com), allowing you to operate your TV with voice commands.

When you ask Alexa to switch on and launch Netflix, it will speak with your TV and do so immediately.

It is also possible to make specific requests, such as playing a specific movie or changing the volume.

The following YouTube video demonstrates how to pair your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon Echo (Alexa):

14. Remotely Access Your PC

If you have a Samsung smart TV that was made in the last few years, you can use its Remote Access feature.

Thanks to this unique function, you can access and control your PC from anywhere using your smart TV.

This feature also offers a variety of cloud-based documentation services, which makes it easier for your kids to use the TV’s big screen for extra studying and a web browser to access online courses and live lectures.

15. Transfer Your Files From Your Phone to Your Smart TV

It’s now possible to wirelessly transfer files from your phone, tablet, or laptop to a larger screen.

Currently, certain smart TVs let you upload files from your smartphone via your WiFi network and specific apps.

You won’t need to first store work papers, pictures, movies, and other data on a flash drive or USB stick thanks to this capability, which allows you to see them directly on your TV.

16. Read Your eBook on a Large Screen

You can now read your eBook on a big screen thanks to the ability of smart TVs to link to your smartphone or tablet.

Of course, even if reading from a portable device is the major benefit of an eBook, there are times when your eyes become tired of reading text that is too small.

Not to mention sore necks from bending down all the time, tired arms from holding your phone or tablet, etc.

Therefore, read on your TV screen to relieve eye strain; have both hands free; read in a more comfortable sitting or lying posture; and avoid hunching your head over a book or phone.

17. Set the Right Mood for Relaxation and Meditation

There are smart TVs with ambient modes that provide a calm setting ideal for meditation and relaxation.

You can use this mode whenever you need a break from the bright screen and exciting sounds without having to turn it off.

The ambient mode will show images of your loved ones, works of art, scenes from nature, and other peaceful materials.

Samsung smart TVs also let you customise the ambient mode so that the colour of your screen blends or matches the colour of the area behind your TV, such as the colour of your wallpaper or wall.

If this feature is absent from your smart TV, you may always visit YouTube and choose a soothing film.

The upside is that you can unwind for however long you need to by watching films that play soothing music reminiscent of a spa and other soothing noises for hours on end.

Depending on the sounds that make you feel relaxed and at peace, you can choose between the sounds of water, a rainforest, an ocean with whales, a flowing river, wind chimes, birds, Tibetan bowls, and other musical instruments, or white noise.

Not All Smart TVs Were Created Equal, So Pick the Right One

If you don’t already have one, choose the proper brand and type of smart TV for your unique needs.

Always keep in mind that not every smart TV is equally compatible with every gadget.

Make a list of the gadgets and devices you want to use with your smart TV, then choose one that has connectivity and compatibility with those systems.

Additionally, you should read reviews and ratings for different smart TV companies.

Don’t just choose the lowest option you can afford, even if you’re on a tight budget.

You can wind up getting a TV that just provides the minimal necessities and leaves you unimpressed with its little features.

To save money for a better smart TV model, you might want to put off purchasing one for a bit longer.

Tips To Optimize Your Smart TV’s Functions

To get the most out of your smart TV, learn how to make the most of its features and capabilities.

So that you can combine it with your other smart appliances at home, be aware of the technology it offers and make use of it.

Being able to do this would open up a whole new world of convenience and fun for you.

The following advice will help you get the most out of your smart TV:

Your screen should be kept organised into groups and free of unnecessary apps.

If you’ve added a lot of applications to your smart TV and believe the icons on the main screen are too crowded, you might want to hide the ones you don’t use frequently.

Only keep your preferred and often used apps on your home screen.

To change the order of your apps, use your remote to select an app icon and hold down the centre button until all the iconograms on the screen start to shake.

To move the symbol, hold it down while dragging it in the desired direction on the screen.

Examine and adjust the TV’s settings.

Check your TV’s settings and make the necessary changes to your smart TV.

It isn’t flawless right out of the box. It could not be HD-ready or be set up to stream HD movies and other types of information.

In order to make the necessary changes, you must access the settings menu.

Even though it might seem insignificant, it might have a big impact and help you get the most enjoyment out of your TV viewing.

Your TV’s visual quality, which includes its brightness, contrast, colour, tone, colour temperature, and sharpness, may need to be adjusted.

You will receive outstanding dynamic range and bright visuals as a result.

Depending on the speakers you have, you might also need to tweak your audio settings.

You can change the preset sound settings to improve the sound quality of your TV.

The theatre setting, for instance, would be a wise choice because it amplifies the low frequencies of the music and turns on the surround sound features of your TV.

Parental controls are also available on smart TVs if you have kids at home and are worried about the applications they use and what they view.

Having Issues With the Remote? Make Your Smartphone Your Smart TV’s Keyboard

Your smart TV may accept input using the keyboard on your smartphone.

If using the TV’s own remote control and learning how to enter the text seems like too much of a headache, you may use this instead.

You would find it much simpler to write your login and password or to type anything you want to search up on the internet if your smartphone and TV were connected.

A guide on using your smartphone as a smart TV keyboard may be found here.

If smartphones aren’t your thing, invest in a wireless smart TV keyboard or a standard Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Update the Firmware on Your Smart TV Frequently

The firmware, or software, of your smart TV has to be updated often.

By doing this, you can make sure your TV performs smoothly and with the appropriate level of responsiveness.

You can use new features as a result of updates.

You can set your TV to automatically update itself, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

If you set your TV to automatically update, it will find new updates as soon as they become available as long as it is online.

When you turn on your smart TV, the most recent update will be downloaded and put in.

Programs like a startup manager, an antivirus programme, or an app cache cleanser are examples of apps that you may download that are helpful for software upgrades.

To avoid problems with them during the upgrade, it’s also crucial to keep your data, including films and images, on external memory, such as an SD memory card.

Regular upgrades would also be necessary for the applications you have installed on your smart TV.

What applications do smart TVs perform best? Conclusion

A smart TV offers a wealth of features that a regular TV does not.

The ideal applications for it include live feeds and streaming web video, as well as podcasts, music, and radio. In addition to exercising, you may play games on fitness and gaming applications.

Dynamic content, such as images and restaurant menus, may be shown on your smart TV.

Additionally, it may be used to monitor social networking sites and conduct video conversations.

Additionally, you can link your smart TV to other connected gadgets like the Amazon Echo.

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