3 killed in random shooting in Yakima, Washington; suspect dead: Police

Authorities say the man who they say shot and killed three people at a Circle K store and gas station in Yakima, Washington, early on Tuesday morning is dead after being hunted for hours.

Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray told reporters Tuesday afternoon that it looked like the suspect shot himself in the head as he was being arrested.

Murray said, “We’re pretty sure that this is the person who was involved in the incident this morning.” Around 3:30 a.m. local time, there was a report of a shooting at Circle K. Murray says that the gunman then went across the street to an ampm store, where he shot into a car and then stole it.

The chief said that it is possible that the gunman shot the person in the car as he stole it. If that’s the case, the driver would be the fourth person shot.

Police found out that the suspect was a 21-year-old man from Yakima County named Jarid Haddock. The chief said that he is thought to have left in a grey or silver Chrysler 200.

Around 2:15 p.m. local time, a woman called 911 to tell police that she had just given the suspect her phone and overheard him saying things like “I killed those people” while he was talking to his mother, said Murray.

3 killed in random shooting in Yakima, Washington; suspect dead: Police

source: abcnews

Murray says that when the woman got her phone back, she called 911 and was able to tell the police where the suspect was.

“I heard that phone call. It is pretty scary, “Murray said. “I have to thank her again because she led us there with a lot of courage.”

Police say that responding officers quickly found the suspect, who had apparently shot himself in the leg.  by media no police officers shot at the suspect, who was being treated by first responders but was later pronounced dead.

Murray said that when the suspect was found, he had “a lot of ammunition and a weapon.” for such kind of news you can check the below links.

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