4 awesome Axis gear alternatives for your roller shades

Finding Axis gear alternatives out there in the huge smart home market can be challenging.

Whether you’re looking for different devices for all of your roller shades or trying to know some good alternatives,

In this blog post, you will find nifty options for your automation ideas!

What were the requirements to be on this list?

At the very least, a voice assistant or your smartphone should be able to operate your window blinds. Choose the smart gadget that best suits you by reading carefully about each one!
Axis Gear is pleased to automate your current blinds. Most solutions will suggest replacing the entire item.

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1. What were the requirements to be on this list?
2. Soma Smart shades two
3. Axis gear alternatives: Move, an elegant solution for your shades
4. Keego Smart Roller shades
5. Axis gear alternative: Zemismart
6. Conclusion

Soma Smart shades two

It’s interesting to consider how much time adjusting your window treatments each day may take.

You would have to close and open them for at least a whole month if you did the math, I suppose.This elegant axis gear substitute will undoubtedly improve the atmosphere of your space.

The good news is that the previous model has been improved.

Compared to the previous motor, this one is four times quicker.

You may wake up at your own speed thanks to the amazing slow mode that it features.

You don’t need to plug it into the power, which is a really nice feature! Yes, it is fueled by the sun.

It has a lithium battery that, if the sun is shining brightly outside your window, will continue to be charged.

It contains a solar panel that continually feeds the battery, safely charging it.

It amazes me how solar-powered everything is!You only need to be aware that your favourite voice assistant won’t let you operate your sunglasses. If WiFi is unavailable,

Even more clever is this axis gear substitute! Why, too?

because it may also regulate your window blinds in accordance with the outside light.

Even if you aren’t there, you can set it to close on its own.

Soma has you covered on the voice command front. Through the app, Siri, Voice Assistant, and Amazon Alexa may all be used to operate it.

Soma makes it much easier to set up your smart assistant because you won’t need a Smart Home hub or anything similar.

Unlike Axis gear, Soma smart shades may be mounted on various roller shade chains.

I am aware that you have the typical ones. However, Soma can work with other kinds of cords if your roller blinds have a different kind.

There is no clear winner for the installation in this case.

Installing any gadget is easy and quick. You merely need to plug the chord into it, secure it to the wall, and you’re ready to go!

There is a further step since the solar panel must be placed so that it can get sunlight, but I suppose that’s not too concerning.

When I first saw this Axis gear substitute, one of my first thoughts was, “Is the sound too loud?” Because of it, I don’t want to wake up!

It is around 40 decibels when it is operating normally, according to the manufacturer.

However, if you sleep lightly, this shouldn’t be an issue in slow mode.

However, any engine in your room will generate noise. Nothing is unexpected about it!

Axis gear alternatives: Move, an elegant solution for your shades

“MOVE” from Blinds to Go really hits the mark.

There is still a fantastic alternative for your current sunglasses.

And I’m excited about solar electricity! You simply need to be aware that your preferred voice assistant will not allow you to operate your sunglasses.If WiFi is unavailable,

By all means, you may use it manually, but if you are unfamiliar with all the advantages and capabilities of a smart gadget, it might be complicated.

With the Soma Roller Shade, the same thing takes place. Your smart assistant won’t work if Wi-Fi isn’t connected.

You would maintain your current sunglasses, which is another great incentive to get one of these axis gear replacements or even stick with the one you currently have!

You’ll save time and money as a result.

Consider automating your window coverings. You could, however, use the Move App to set up your morning and evening routines before going to bed and getting a good night’s rest.

I don’t want to leave my room in the morning when I’m at home and feeling sluggish since it’s dark and comfortable.

I have to drag myself out of bed to see the sun because of these obligations.

Regarding the installation, it’s simply a no-brainer.

Simply attach the Move gadget to the wall and feed it the cord from your window shade to complete the process.

All you need to do is install an app!

However, if you want to stick to the instructions, go here.

The price of MOVE has dropped by almost 50% compared to its main competitor, making it a cheap alternative to an axis gear.

This indicates that while the construction quality may not be the finest, as long as it gets the job done, I don’t care!

The issue of the year is whether the Move is compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa.

The answer is no. Your MOVE can’t be used with a regular voice assistant because it works directly with Bluetooth.

It is intelligent, but you might need to use a hub to operate it if you want to use a voice assistant to use it directly.

Keego Smart Roller shades

A substitute for axis gear

For your window curtains, consider this uncommon choice.

And the pricing was something I liked about this one because it’s less expensive than all the axis gear options I’ve shown you thus far!

The lovely, carbon-free energy of the sun powers it.

The solar panel just has to be attached to a window outdoors to begin charging the device.

However, you should be aware that it also functions on conventional energy; all you need to do to make it environmentally friendly is to attach a solar charger!

Keego considered creating this item so that anyone could automate a roller shade for a reasonable price. Nice

It uses Bluetooth, so even if your Wi-Fi goes out, you can still control it remotely.

After carrying out a quick installation over your current roller blinds

Get the app installed and get ready to automate your shades at all times!

This choice provides amazing options for the entire house, whether it is for your morning or evening rituals.

If you wish to check Amazon’s pricing and availability, click here!

Axis gear alternative: Zemismart

Two unknown roller shade automation devices

The pricing is also among its most alluring features. It is 5 times less expensive than an axis gear!

It uses the same Bluetooth protocol as Axis equipment but does not use Zigbee.

Because I have a Smarthings Hub that is Zigbee compatible, this is a significant issue for me. I can manage it with virtually every smart device I own. I own a smart speaker as well.

However, hey, it might be a great option if your only goal is to automate your roller blinds.

In a detailed video, you can see both devices in action.

Their performance is practically identical, but Axis Gear is the victor in terms of automation.

Zemismart was built with less-than-ideal materials than Axis, so I expect it to degrade faster in the long run.

But one aspect of these roller shade gadgets that truly irritates me is that their primary mode of communication is Bluetooth.

Why? Considering that only I will be able to operate the blinds! Moreover, if I’m not home and a member of my family wishes to close or open them, they can do so. They would have to decide whether to link it with their phones or just remove it. Once more, a real pain.

The best option, I suppose, is to just install sophisticated roller blinds in your bedroom.


It’s amazing that the options for axis gears now available are so limited.

There are definitely some gadgets on this list that work well, but to be completely honest, I was hoping for a lot more!

At least we know now that we can automate the roller blinds we already have without having to replace the whole window.

Simply said, it is annoying to do and requires great accuracy. In the alternative, you risk having a larger window shade or missing elements that make the installation take longer than necessary.

If I were you, I’d choose the axis gear, but for the other hues, I’d most surely explore my other possibilities first!

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