5 Amazing Movies on Netflix: Take a Look at Their Trailer and Summery

There are a plethora of streaming media at our disposal, but not all of them live up to our standards. That’s why we frequently consult Netflix’s “Top 5 Movies,” a ranking based on the streaming service’s users’ preferences.

It has some of the most recent hits (like The Mother) and other old standbys (like The Croods). What’s even better? Netflix often refreshes its list of recommended films, so you may find something new to watch every day.

Keep scrolling to see what other users of the streaming service think you should watch right now.

1. Missing

Year: 2003

Time of Show: 110 Mins.

In this suspense picture, Storm Reid plays June, a teenager who, when her mother (Nia Long) and her boyfriend (Jake McDermott) vanish in Columbia, sets out to track them down. The tech-savvy youngster investigates on her own, hoping to find them before it’s too late by using various online tools. This is going to be the type of mystery film we love.



2. The Mother

Year: 2023
Time of Show: 117 mins.

Jennifer Lopez plays a military assassin who gives up her daughter (Lucy Paez) to keep her safe in this action-packed film. After 12 years, however, her scheme unravels, and she finds herself in a desperate situation, trying to rescue her kidnapped daughter. The Queen of Action, J.Lo? That’s all there is to say.



3. A Man Called Otto

Year: 2022

Time of Running: 126 mins.

A jaded widower called Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) befriends the kind new neighbors down the street. He forms an odd connection with his pregnant next-door neighbor Marisol (Mariana Trevio).



4. Ted

Year: 2012

Time of running: 106 mins.

Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), is about a working man named John Bennett (Wahlberg) who wishes his teddy bear would come to life. Now when he’s older, he has to decide whether to spend time with his fluffy best friend or his fiancĂ©e Lori (Mila Kunis). Doesn’t seem that difficult, does it?



5. The Son

Year: 2022

Time of running: 122 mins

When Peter’s (Hugh Jackman) ex-wife sends their teenage son Nicholas to live with him, things grow even more complicated.



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