5 Critical Reasons Why Your Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline

You may attain home security in ways that are both user-friendly and economical thanks to Ring, a reputable firm that offers cutting-edge security systems for individual and commercial buildings.

Their Ring Alarm is an 8-piece pack that is simple to set up and use as a do-it-yourself security solution. What, though, might be the cause of your ring camera’s persistent inactivity?

Wi-Fi, internet connectivity, or power problems may be the main causes of your Ring camera’s intermittent offlineness. There shouldn’t be any hiccups in your power or internet connection for the camera to operate constantly. Another cause could be hardware issues like a defective battery.

Does your Ring camera have trouble connecting to the internet? Does it continue to be inactive?

Keep reading to learn more about why this happens with Ring cameras, why your camera is losing its internet connectivity, and how you can fix without struggling.

Table of Contents  
1. Why Does My Ring Camera Keep Going Offline?
1.1. Wi-Fi Connection Interruption
1.2. Power Surge
1.3. Camera Is Placed Outside the Wi-Fi Coverage Area
1.4. A Low Charge or Faulty Battery
1.5. Change in Wi-Fi SSID
2. How To Troubleshoot Your Ring Camera

3. What To Do if My Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline

3.1. How Do I Reboot My Ring Camera?
4. Why ring camera keeps going offline: Final Thoughts

Why Does My Ring Camera Keep Going Offline?

Constant notification might be annoying, especially if you have a lot going on and your Ring Alarm’s notifications end up being false.

Ring Smart Home Technology devices are adaptable, dependable, and cross-platform compatible, yet they periodically experience problems just like any other brand or model.

However, you can typically remedy these problems with the correct diagnosis.

As a result, if you find that your Ring camera continually going offline, it can be for one of the reasons listed below.

Knowing the precise root of the issue is crucial if you want to successfully fix a Ring device that frequently fails to connect to the internet.

If not, your time and energy will be wasted trying to solve an issue that doesn’t exist. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s awful.

Wi-Fi Connection Interruption

The majority of the time, rather than the camera itself, one of the issues is with the internet connection at your house.

Wi-Fi can be intermittent at times, so if you discover that your camera is down, check to make sure that all of your router’s lights are on and functioning as they should.

There may be router outages, especially when your internet provider schedules maintenance or if a storm moves through your area.

However, you can attempt to reset your router to see if it will work properly by turning it off, waiting at least one minute, and then turning it back on.

It will make sure the Ring gadget operates effectively and that the Wi-Fi connection isn’t disrupted.

The moment has come to call technical support so they can address the problem at its root if the previous reset remedy does not work.

Power Surge

Breaker switches are found in certain residences, particularly older ones with obsolete wiring systems.

In light of this, you should determine whether the camera’s power is being interrupted after you’ve determined that the issue isn’t with the internet connection.

Find out which breaker tripped by looking at the breaker box and seeing if it’s connected to the camera.

If this is the case, reset the breaker switch and give your camera some time to reconnect and power up.

To prevent future issues, it would also be beneficial to lessen the number of devices linked to this circuit breaker or even connect the doorbell to another power source.

However, it is wise to get guidance from a qualified electrician if the breaker switch keeps tripping.

They’ll be able to examine the connection and your device, and they’ll be able to provide appropriate advice.

Camera Is Placed Outside the Wi-Fi Coverage Area

When it comes to the device’s internet connection, the distance between the camera and the router’s location is quite important.

Hence, be careful when installing your doorbell.

Guarantee that it’s placed as close to the router as possible.

When it comes to reducing signal interference, a 5GHz router performs far better than a 2.4GHz router.

However, compared to 5GHz routers, 2.4GHz provides greater coverage.

The effectiveness of the internet is also impacted by the amount of devices sharing a Wi-Fi network.

If at all feasible, make sure the camera is within a practical Wi-Fi range.

Check to make sure that the other devices using the same Wi-Fi don’t affect Wi-Fi performance as well.

I understand how challenging it may be to position your camera at the ideal angle to cover as much territory as possible; after all, I bought it to guard my home. But what if I’ve just about perfected the placement and now the signal is weakening?

That really sucks,

The best course of action in this situation would be to simply purchase a router that can provide the signal that your Ring camera requires.

There are several available on the market right now, but if you’re steadily creating your smart home, there isn’t a better option than to acquire one strong enough to handle any demand.

My signal issues with the one I previously owned from Walmart appear to be a thing of the past now that I’m utilising this one.

I no longer have to wonder if my router is operating correctly or not.

Since troubleshooting these cameras is difficult enough, I am certain that this solution proves there is no signal issue.

Check out all of its features on Amazon here if you like, but from what I’ve heard, it works well.

You’ll also notice a battery icon next to the device within the device app.

Additionally, the device app has a battery icon next to the device.

Make sure to regularly check your app to see if a notification of a low battery warning has been received.

The battery may also malfunction and need to be changed if this occurs.

Monitor for a defective battery often.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones, even though it may seem apparent.

Change in Wi-Fi SSID

Your home internet provider may occasionally change their infrastructure, supplying your router with new channels and updated SSIDs.

If your Ring camera is unable to access these modifications, connection issues will start to appear.

If so, you must enable and restore your Ring camera to its default settings in order for it to accept the new network configurations on a brand-new connection and access all the traffic tunnels.

Temporary power loss, low voltage, and Wi-Fi password changes are a few other factors that could be causing your Ring camera to repeatedly go offline.

So if your Ring camera seems to be fluctuating, try not to worry too much.

To solve the issue, all you have to do is examine and troubleshoot the device.

How To Troubleshoot Your Ring Camera

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can troubleshoot your Ring camera:

Verify that the gadget is linked to the internet and that your connection is stable. Open the Ring app, choose the Ring camera icon, and then click device health to see if your Ring devices are linked. If the gadget is not online, it will say “offline.”

Verify that all of the lights in front of the router are on and that the wires are properly attached.

Verify that other Wi-Fi-connected devices are operational.

Check to see if the camera will come back online by unplugging your router, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.

The internal camera battery should be taken out and changed.

On the device, click the setup button. By doing this, the Ring camera will enter setup mode. If the gadget doesn’t come back online after ten seconds, try pressing it once more.

Try hard resetting your gadget if all else fails, or determine whether the battery has to be replaced.

If none of the following solutions work, think about contacting Ring customer care.

What Should I Do if My Ring Camera Remains Offline?

Some of the causes of the camera frequently going offline have been covered.

But what should you do if it continues to go offline even after you have verified that all of the aforementioned requirements are met?

You may need to perform a hard reset on a gadget occasionally.

Exactly how can I restart my Ring camera?

To hard reboot your Ring camera, follow these instructions.

Hold down the orange button with a firm press for around 20 seconds.

When you release the orange button, look for a flickering light on the device’s front. The gadget has started the reboot process and will restart soon if it begins flashing suddenly.

What To Do if My Ring Camera Keeps Going Offline

There are a variety of causes for your Ring camera’s inconsistent performance, but internet outages are the biggest offender.

Before contacting customer service, it’s a great idea to try the troubleshooting procedures listed above to see if you can resolve the issue on your own.

I had a problem with how horrible it looked at night after having to deal with my camera falling offline often.

It was so horrible that I had to find a different answer to a different, very typical issue!

In order to improve the video quality of your Ring camera at night, I had to make this blog article where I gathered essential, useful information. If you’re interested, go here to discover a few tips!

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