5 Games That Will Make You Feel Like a Total Badass for Killing Robots

Developers frequently reuse the same kind of monsters, like zombies or spiders, to fill the many different digital environments we visit in video games. Finally, robots have been a staple in video games for as long as anyone can remember.

These artificial monsters powered by AI are typically portrayed as mindless machines whose only motivations are to kill, destroy, or carry out their master’s orders, which typically involve additional acts of violence.

For a very long time, I considered robot foes to be boring fodder in video games. Let’s just say that in a world where AI-powered nonsense is on the rise, self-driving cars are creating accidents, and drones may soon begin replacing employment, some people are quite interested in destroying robots in video games.

It has the potential to be therapeutic. So, for those of you who are fed up with all the BS about artificial intelligence and the impending robot takeover, here are a few games you can play right now to satisfy your need to smash metal monsters.

Mass Effect – Reapers

Mass Effect is a series about combating synthetics, but it makes an effort to add nuance to the discussion of artificial intelligence across its four games. You’ll be up against the Geth initially, a race of robots who supposedly expelled their creators from their homeworld.

But the robots’ higher synthetic rulers, the Reapers, are the true villains, as they are exploiting the robots to hasten their plot to eradicate all organic life.

That’s why it’s relieving to finally defeat the Reapers at the end of the trilogy instead of making peace with our would-be annihilators. I think we all agreed on that. The one that stands up to cosmic tyrants that view lesser beings as expendable?

Borderlands – Loader Bots

In the Borderlands video game series, Hyperion is a villainous business that puts profit before all else. It will stop at nothing to increase its wealth and power. In the show, the corporation will murder civilians, destroy ancient alien vaults, and replace human labor with AI-enhanced robot loaders.

These loaders are a prevalent foe in Borderlands 2 and 3 and compose the core of Hyperion’s army. Although they are inexpensive, these robots are horrible at their designated tasks. Several random Vault Hunters can quickly wipe them out.

When Hyperion could hire individuals like the Vault Hunters, provide them with the tools they need to succeed, and allow them to execute their tasks better and more effectively than robots, it’s puzzling why the company would invest so heavily in artificial intelligence.

Destiny – Vex

In Destiny’s universe, the Vex are a cybernetic alien race from another world. When the world doesn’t fit their everlasting plan, they change it to fit it, scientist Clovis Bray of the Golden Age explains to gamers. They can’t tell the difference between real life and a computer game.

The inside should look the same as the outside, and vice versa. They are the Borg of Destiny, yet in contrast to the pale squishy monsters of Star Trek, these are sleek, metallic, and almost beautiful.

To shoot, shatter, and blow up is much more delightful. Destiny’s Vex enemies provide some of the game’s most acclaimed haptic death animations. You can hear a Harpy cry like a server rack being hit by a freight train if you shoot it in the eye. When the Vex core inside a Goblin is destroyed, the creature erupts in a white cloud, much like a gallon of milk. It’s the sole defense against them rewriting the universe to suit their limited perspectives.

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Fallout – Robots

The robots in Fallout continue to operate even after the world has been destroyed and society has collapsed. The AI-powered robots of humanity’s prime still roam the wasteland and conduct their work millennia after Earth has been largely devastated by nuclear weapons and humanity barely clings on.

One could say they are really committed. It just goes to show how horrible and ignorant these machines are. The end of the world makes no difference to them; they continue blindly carrying out their predetermined tasks. Since they are only tools humans made, they can’t produce original works of art or inventions or bring any genuine benefit to humanity on their own.

Diner owners in Fallout are not merely a nuisance after the nukes have dropped; they are actively hostile. Without the ability to comprehend context, history, or emotion, their AI-powered brains will attack most humans they see.

It’s ironic that in the Fallout universe, our own creations—robots and AI—may end up murdering us all and destroying all we’ve built. Anyway, if you come across any robot brains in Fallout 3, pull out a laser gun and give them a double tap.

Gears of War 4 – Robot Soldiers

Players in Gears of War 4 assume the roles of human offspring who fought alongside their governments to defeat the invading Locust hordes. These individuals battled relentlessly, day after day, frequently without the resources they required, and yet they still managed to achieve tremendous achievement and victory. Motivating material.

However, the ruling class in Gears 4 decided that robots who were willing to kill and stun anyone were a cheaper method to maintain order. Meanwhile, the humans who had helped build things up were cast aside so that a few wealthy and powerful military and government leaders could save some money.

The horrible robots can only do so much, and in the end, it’s the humans who were previously disregarded and spit upon that end up coming back to save the day.

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