A Man Was Shot And Killed By Riverside County Deputies In Moreno Valley

MORENO VALLEY (KABC) According to the man’s family and the police, a 33-year-old man was shot and killed by sheriff’s officers in Moreno Valley on Monday afternoon.

Just after 12:30 p.m., according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were dispatched to the 25400 block of Filaree Avenue.

According to a woman, Jesus Antonio Rodriguez was “acting aggressively towards her while under the influence of an unknown narcotic.”

Rodriguez fled to his bedroom when deputies arrived and yelled at them from the doorway, according to a press statement from the Sheriff’s Office. “Deputies tried to defuse the situation, but he persisted in being combative and uncooperative,” the report said.

Authorities said that Rodriguez, who had a schizophrenia diagnosis, seized a baseball bat with pointed metal spikes on the end.

Authorities claim that after two unsuccessful attempts with a stun gun, the deputies shot Rodriguez when he moved closer to them.

Rodriguez was declared dead at the scene despite deputies and paramedics’ best efforts to save his life, according to the authorities.

The man’s family claims that when deputies arrived, he was experiencing a mental health crisis. They said that he possessed a BB gun and informed the dispatchers of this when they requested assistance.

Deputies allegedly cleared the house before entering, according to the family. Relatives said they heard gunshots when they went inside.

His sister Isabel Rodriguez claimed, “The cops had gone to my mother’s house so many times that they know he’s psychotic.” “She told them that he was carrying a BB gun, not a firearm. It had a BB in it.”

Rodriguez continued, “There’s no reason they couldn’t have Tasered him. Since he is schizophrenic, “they could have employed a different kind of technique.”

In the encounter, no deputies suffered any injuries.

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