A Neighbour Tells the 18-hour Standoff That Followed a Shooting by an Officer

A nearly 18-hour standoff in Kansas City, Missouri, has come to an end.

“It was basically like watching an action movie,” Jason Hemby, who lives nearby, said.

Hemby stated that he was in his home off Blue Ridge Boulevard in Kansas City when he noticed something strange.

“I just noticed the lights flashing outside, so I went out the back door,” Hemby explained. “Around the time I walked out, I heard some talking and gunfire. My daughter, of course, ran up and asked, “What’s going on?” and I replied, “I think there’s a shootout going on.”

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On Tuesday around 9:30 p.m., officers knocked on the door of a home on Blue Ridge Boulevard near 23rd Street South for a search warrant. When a SWAT team attempted to enter, gunfire erupted. Three officers were struck and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Meanwhile, back at the scene, a standoff had begun that would keep Hemby awake all night.

“The kids were a little scared, but it was more of an adrenaline rush to see what happened next,” Hemby said. He reported seeing SWAT teams and what appeared to be snipers nearby. The standoff lasted approximately 18 hours.

Here is the news by KCTV5 Neighbor describes 18-hour standoff that followed officer-involved shooting.

Three people were apprehended. One man was discovered dead inside the house.

“We don’t want to put our officers or anyone else in danger again,” said Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Andy Bell. “That explains why it took so long. To use technology, such as video cameras, to simply comb through the house, gaining confidence to physically enter the house.”

Jimmie Lewis Jr., 50, was one of those arrested during the standoff, according to the US Department of Justice. Officials say he is facing federal charges for alleged crimes unrelated to the standoff.

Residents in the area are simply relieved that the threat has passed and that the officers who were injured are recovering.

“It just goes to show that the cops are doing their job,” Hemby said. “You’re a little freaked out, but that’s what their job is. And I’m sorry to hear they were hurt and the man died.”

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