A Preliminary Independent Autopsy Found That Tyre Nichols Died From “Extensive Blood Induced By A Severe Beating”

Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died following a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee, was found to have “extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating,”

“preliminary findings indicate Tyre suffered considerable bleeding caused by a brutal beating,” said attorney Ben Crump in a statement. “His observed injuries are consistent with what the family and attorneys saw on the video of his tragic contact with police on January 7, 2023.”

According to prior reports by MEDIA, Nichols passed away three days after being stopped by officials from the Memphis Police Department for allegedly careless driving. The police department issued a statement claiming that Nichols and the cops involved got into a fight. Nichols complained of chest pains after being arrested, according to the police, and was brought to a nearby hospital, where he eventually died.

On January 17th, a memorial service for Tyre Nichols was held at the MJ Edwards Funeral Home in Memphis, Tennessee. Two altercations with the Memphis Police Department led to Nichols’ murder.
Family attorney says footage shows Tyre Nichols being treated like a “human piñata” by cops

In court on Monday, family attorney Antonio Romanucci said Nichols was “defenceless the entire time” after viewing body camera footage of the incident. Those cops used him like a human piata. There was no letup in the three minutes of nonstop thrashing this young child received. And Tyre Nichols’ family have unjustly lost a “beautiful soul” at the hands of the Memphis PD.

Tyre was defenseless as he was beaten to death. In the face of their ongoing disregard for Black Lives, we amplify the call to defund and divest from the police. said by TransgenderLawCenter.

In the wake of Nichols’ death, the city fired five Black police officers and two firefighters.

Shelby County DA Steve Mulroy told CNN’s Laura Coates on Tuesday night that the event may be put on camera this week or next week, but that he wants to make sure his office has interrogated everyone involved before doing so.

Mulroy stated, “Of course, people’s doubts about what exactly transpired will be answered after people watch the film,” adding that he thinks the city will release enough footage to illustrate the “entirety of the situation, from the very beginning to the end.”

Prosecutors are working to speed up the investigation so that they can reach a decision on possible charges “around the time range in which we consider dissemination of the film,” as Mulroy put it.

The results of Nichols’ autopsy have not been made public. Crump was asked by CNN to provide a copy of the independent autopsy and responded that the report was not yet complete.
A Preliminary Independent Autopsy Found That Tyre Nichols Died From "Extensive Blood Induced By A Severe Beating"

source: sportskeeda.

Seventh of September in Memphis, Tennessee On September 7, 2022 in Memphis, Tennessee, police were called to the scene of a carjacking that had allegedly been linked to a string of shootings. According to published accounts, Memphis police apprehended a 19-year-old male in connection with multiple gunshots across the city while he was allegedly live streaming the crimes on Facebook. As seen in this image (by Brad Vest/Getty Images)
After the death of a Memphis man during police custody, the Department of Justice and the FBI launched a civil rights investigation.
On January 10, Nichols, 29, was shot and killed by police. His death is the latest in a string of high-profile incidents in which police used excessive force against members of the public, most notably young Black men.

To quote the speaker: “It is horrible. This is a terrible state of affairs. Crump called the incident “heinous” on Monday after watching the body camera footage with Nichols’ relatives. It’s quite aggressive. It’s vexing on multiple fronts.

Nichols’ stepfather, Rodney Wells, said, “What I saw on the tape today was awful.” There shouldn’t be any parent who has to see what I saw today.

Crump stated that after hearing Tyre question, “What did I do?,” Nichols’ mother, Ravaughn Wells, was unable to watch more than the first minute of the film. The lawyer added that towards the end of the film, Nichols can be heard calling for his mother three times.

Nichols’ mother, stepfather, grandmother, and aunt all attended the news conference with Crump, where they characterised their son as a “wonderful boy” who liked skating, photography, and computers.

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