A Uk Student Was Arrested After Calling a Black Student a Racial Insult

A Uk Student Was Arrested: There is a video circulating online that purports to show a 2019 Beechwood High School graduate physically beating a student at the University of Kentucky while using racist insults toward the victim.

A Uk Student Was Arrested for Insulting a Black Student

After repeatedly using a racial slur towards Black students on campus on Sunday, a University of Kentucky student was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault, according to a university police report.

The Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Kimberly Baird, said that a White student named Sophia Rosing, 22 had been charged with public intoxication, fourth-degree assault without apparent harm, second-degree disorderly conduct, and third-degree assault on a police officer or probation officer.

According to a campus police report, an officer from the University of Kentucky police department responded to a residence hall early on Sunday morning after receiving allegations that an unidentified lady was “assaulting staff personnel.”

An “extremely inebriated” woman was arrested for using a racial slur in front of a gathering of Black ladies, according to the report. The woman told authorities that she “had lots of money and get[s] special treatment,” as stated in the official report. The woman kicked and bit the arresting officer when they urged her to sit back in a chair, according to the police report.

The woman is listed as “unknown” in the report since she did not provide any form of identification and refused to do so when asked repeatedly. Sally Woodson, the University of Kentucky’s executive communications specialist, told CNN that Rosing is the subject of the police report.

Baird stated that Rosing was initially entered into the records of the Kentucky Department of Corrections as a Jane Doe.

A Uk Student Was Arrested
It was announced by Baird on Monday afternoon that Rosing had been arrested and her bail had been set at $10,000. On Monday, WLEX, a CNN affiliate, reported that Rosing had been in court and pleaded not guilty.

University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto revealed in a statement to the campus community that a student employee working the nighttime shift at the front desk was one of the victims. Capilouto stated that the institution was initiating an investigation and was contacting the victims.

“Let us be crystal clear: this is unacceptable behavior and we will not stand for it under any conditions. Capilouto emphasized that “the safety and well-being of our community have always been, and will always be our primary priority.” Capilouto said he had seen the web video that purports to show the attack that was posted on Sunday and that the student’s actions were unacceptable.

Images I’ve seen on camera do not reflect well on our obligations to one another. They are violent and unacceptable because they deny people in our community their humanity. They are not indicative of polite conversation. The president of the institution characterized such views as “fundamentally antagonistic to what we are and what we always aim to be as a community.”

CNN has its own copy of the footage. University spokesperson Woodson has confirmed that the woman in the video is Rosing and that it depicts the event that occurred on Sunday.

In the video, Rosing is visibly intoxicated while using racial slurs and attempting to punch a Black woman who is trying to hold her.


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