The Man Accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi Has Decided Not to Appear in Court

Man Accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi: On Friday, David DePape, the guy who reportedly attacked Paul Pelosi, chose not to attend a San Francisco Superior Court hearing and instead chose to waive his presence.

Reporting on the Accused Attacker of Paul Pelosi

On Friday, David DePape, the man who is suspected of assaulting Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a week ago, waived his appearance in a San Francisco Superior Court. Paul Pelosi was the victim of the incident.

Both a status hearing and a preliminary hearing were scheduled to take place on November 28 and December 14, respectively.

In connection with the incident, DePape is being charged with a total of six separate crimes, including attempted murder, burglary, assault, false imprisonment, and threatening the family member of a public official. He has entered a not-guilty plea to all of the state’s accusations against him.

The issue of bail was not discussed during the hearing on Friday. At this time, DePape is being detained without the possibility of bail. When asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins responded that it was unknown whether or not DePape would attempt to use insanity as a defense.

Jenkins said on Friday’s episode of “Erin Burnett Outfront” about DePape’s volunteered statements to the police, “He spelled out exactly what he did and why, so he was very clear about what his intentions were, about why he had those intentions, and about what exactly he had planned to do.” Jenkins was referring to DePape’s statements.

Jenkins stated that it is not uncommon for defense attorneys to investigate all possible defense strategies for their clients. However, he added, “I don’t think we can definitively conclude at this stage that he didn’t know what he was doing.”

The violent attack on Pelosi has been criticized by members on both sides of the aisle, and it raises further concerns over the safety of lawmakers and their families in the present political climate owing to the increasingly aggressive vocabulary that is being used in politics.

Thursday was the day when Nancy Pelosi announced that her husband had been discharged from the hospital.

Accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi
Accused of Attacking Paul Pelosi

Paul is still being attended to by medical professionals as he makes steady headway in the protracted process of recuperation and convalescence. According to a statement released by the speaker of the House, “He is presently at home accompanied by his family who requests privacy.”

Drew Hammill, a spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi, said in an earlier statement that Paul Pelosi underwent surgery “to treat a skull fracture and major damage to his right arm and hands” as a result of the attack. “He also suffered serious injuries to his hands,” Hammill added.

Pelosi was assaulted with a hammer at the couple’s house in San Francisco, and troubling new facts have surfaced about the event. One of these alarming new pieces of information is that the accused assailant claimed to police he was on a “suicide mission,” and that he had a list of other notable targets.

According to court records that were made public on Tuesday, DePape is believed to have roused Paul Pelosi from his sleep by hovering over his bedside and preventing him from fleeing while simultaneously demanding to know the location of the House speaker.

According to a document filed in court on Tuesday, DePape informed authorities and medics at the scene that he was sick of the “level of falsehoods” coming from Washington, DC, and that he “came here to have a little discussion with [Pelosi’s] wife.” DePape’s statement was included in the document.

During the hearing, it was revealed that Judge Loretta M. Giorgi had previously worked with Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, at the office of the City Attorney in San Francisco in the 1990s. Giorgi stated that since that time, she “has not seen, heard from, or spoken to Ms. Pelosi.”

This article has been revised to include the newly discovered information.

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