Adopt Me! Discord Server

Adopt Me! is a top-rated game on Roblox.

It has more than 28 billion visits and as many as 1.92 million users at once.

On Roblox, the game can be played for free on mobile devices, computers, and the Xbox One.

The story of Adopt Me revolves around taking in lovable creatures, sprucing up your home, and having fun with your pals.

Uplift Games, a studio made up of smart people from all over the world that is growing quickly, is in charge of making it.

Here you’ll find information on how to join the Adopt Me Discord server, as well as the server’s rules and a link to the associated Roblox game.

  • Adopt Me Discord server link
  • How do I verify myself on the Adopt Me Discord server?
  • Adopt Me Discord server rules
  • What is the game link for Adopt Me?

Adopt Me Discord server link

The address of the Adopt Me server on Discord is:

More than 250,000 people are currently using the server.

It’s organized into many sections, such as “Announcements,” “Help,” “Ask Me Anything,” and so on.

If you have any questions, please join # discord-help or # adopt-me-help and submit a ticket.

Following that, you’ll be asked to give a response.

You can send the developers your thoughts and questions using a special feedback channel.

By clicking the star next to a suggestion, you can say that you agree with it.

When a piece of content receives enough votes of approval, it is moved to the #star-board channel.

The #trades channel is for item trading only; money cannot be used.

How do I verify myself on the Adopt Me Discord server?

Complete the verification process to gain full access to the Adopt Me Discord server.

To do this, go to the #verification channel and press the button there.

The next step is to link your Roblox and Discord accounts together.

Choose “Verify my Roblox account,” and then follow the instructions on the screen to finish the process.

Adopt Me’s Discord server relies on RoVer for authentication.

If you need assistance, head over to the #discord-help channel and submit a ticket.

Adopt Me Discord server rules

  1. Don’t forget to keep the atmosphere on the server nice and safe for kids.
    There shouldn’t be any controversy or drama caused by the language, subjects, visuals, etc. Be courteous to other users on the server. Nothing is safe for work, and we do not tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other form of bigotry in any form.
  2. You must not bother or mimic other people.
    Included in this category are things like making death threats, engaging in cyberbullying or stalking, publicly embarrassing someone, or exposing private information. You can’t pretend to be anyone on the server, including but not limited to Discord or Uplift Games employees, influential users, public figures, or other players.
  3. Don’t post irrelevant content or promote yourself.
    Sending the same message over and over, sending lengthy messages, or sending “chain letters” are all examples of spam. Don’t try to sell me any kind of media. These include, but are not limited to, giveaways, Discords, Twitter postings, and YouTube videos that are not organized by the Adopt Me Team.
  4. Don’t bring up private details or ask for anyone’s personal information.
    We ask that, for the sake of everyone’s security, do not reveal any information that could be used to track you down. Any information that can be used to identify an individual, such as name, age, address, phone number, etc. It is also forbidden to disclose another person’s private information without their consent.
  5. Follow established protocols.
    Make good use of each platform and stick to the subject at hand. It’s important to go by the established guidelines that are posted on each channel. Do not post in unrelated channels; instead, use the channels specifically dedicated to the discussion of that issue (for example, only discuss deals in the #trades or #trades-2 channels).
  6. Do not make demands for free items.
    Asking for money can take several forms, such as requesting bucks, robux, pets, stuff, Discord nitro, and so on.
  7. Only the English language is used here.
    Our server only supports the English language right now because we need to be able to control the text chat and audio channels well.
  8. Underhanded Dealings Are Permitted
    Transactions that don’t go through Adopt Me’s established channels are considered illegal. Trading with Robux, gift cards, real money, many products in a single trade (multi-trading), trading on trust, trading with dollars, and trading between games are all examples of this.
  9. If a member of the Discord Staff asks you to stop saying or doing something, even if it’s not against the rules, stop immediately and do as you’re told. Take screenshots and submit a ticket in Discord-Help if you feel a moderator is abusing their authority. Avoid talking about moderation decisions in open forums. In the same way, resist the urge to “mini-mod” other people. Instead, take screenshots of people breaking the rules and send them to discord-help.
  10. Honor Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
    The Community Guidelines and Terms of Service for Discord must be respected at all times, especially in direct messages. The Discord Terms of Service are located at, and the Discord Community Guidelines are located at
  11. Adhere to the Roblox Terms of Service.
    The Community Guidelines and Terms of Service for Roblox must be adhered to at all times, and this includes Direct Messages. The Roblox Terms of Service are available at
  12. The defeat of any form of bypassing is not permitted. Using multiple accounts, making fake profiles, trying to trick the Dyno chat filter, and so on, are all ways to try to get around the rules.

What is the game link for Adopt Me?

How do I access the Adopt Me game?

If you want to play Adopt Me, you can find it at

In Roblox, you can play Adopt Me on your mobile device, computer, or Xbox.

You’ll need a Roblox account, though.

If you’re logged into Roblox, you may play the game right now by clicking the link above.

You can also look for “Adopt Me” in the “Experiences” section.

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