After arrest in 2022, Tennessee Christian school principal arrested on 11 child sex crimes

The principal of a Christian school in Tennessee has been charged with 11 new crimes. Last year, he was arrested on charges of sexual activity with a minor.

Jason Kennedy, the 47-year-old principal of Liberty Christian School, was already facing charges because he was accused of having sexual contact with a girl under the age of 18. In August, he was charged with two counts of sexual assault by a person in a position of power and one count of soliciting a child.

Brittney Branham, who is 28 years old and works as a school secretary and homeschool coordinator, was also charged with solicitation of a minor in August because of things that happened in Kennedy’s home. It’s not clear if she will be charged with anything else.

District Attorney Stephen Crump told media Chattanooga on Friday that the new charges Kennedy was indicted on involve three more victims, making a total of four victims in the case.

In the indictment from the grand jury, Kennedy’s new charges include sexual activity with a minor, asking a minor to watch sexual conduct, aggravated sexual battery, six counts of sexual battery by a person in a position of power, and two counts of breaking the Child Protect Act.

After arrest in 2022, Tennessee Christian school principal arrested on 11 child sex crimes.


Last year, Kennedy and Branham were arrested because of accusations made by a 19-year-old woman who says she was too young at the time of the incidents. the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department, Kennedy lived with his wife and Branham at their home in Athens, Tennessee, in 2019.

When the victim would spend the night, he or she would stay in the same room as Branham. The victim said that Kennedy would come into the bedroom and talk to her and Branham about sexual things.

The victim said that Branham told her to let Kennedy touch her private parts but not to tell anyone because they could get in trouble.

Teenager said that Branham and Kennedy bought her a “black and white skimpy night gown” in August 2020. She also said that Kennedy came into the room she and Branham were in one night while she was staying at Kennedy’s house and touched the victim’s breast.

The woman told investigators that Kennedy came into the room where she and Branham were staying in early 2021 and started talking about sex.

She said that Kennedy and Branham had fun and invited her to do the same. The affidavit says that after they were done, the victim said they changed their clothes and acted “like nothing had happened.” They also started talking like nothing had happened.

Kennedy also teaches at Liberty Christian School and is the pastor there. Local news sources said that he and Branham are still working.

Digital asked Liberty Christian School for a comment, but they didn’t answer right away.

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