Air Quality to Worsen Saturday Night in NYC; Residents Advised to Take Precautions

New Yorkers will have to wait a little bit longer if they want a relief from the pollution brought on by smoke from the raging Canadian wildfires.

NotifyOn Saturday night, NYC, New York City’s official emergency notice system, issued a warning that the nighttime air quality could deteriorate. It encouraged locals to minimize outside activities, especially for individuals who have respiratory or cardiovascular issues, elderly people, and kids.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The city’s Air Quality Index classified the day’s air quality as moderate.

Since Wednesday, when a large smoke plume blanketed the five boroughs in a thick haze and caused the air quality index to rise to 484, conditions have much improved.

On a scale of zero to 500, the city’s Air Quality Index rates pollution, with anything over 150 being deemed harmful. According to Mayor Eric Adams, the 484 mark was the highest measurement on the scale since the 1960s. The Environmental Protection Agency monitors the data.

Smoke from over 250 Canadian wildfires that have been burning for many days is to blame for the worsening circumstances. Particulate matter, a combination of solid and liquid contaminants, was carried down the East Coast of the United States by the smoke as it moved through the atmosphere.

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N95 masks are available for pickup at citywide fire stations and neighborhood police stations. You can lessen your exposure to dangerous contaminants by using a good mask.

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