Have You Ever Tried the Game Calls Akinator? Details !

Akinator is a fun game that you might enjoy. Although you might not have tried precisely this game, you might have seen something close. The first question in the game asks you to consider a fictional or real-life character you might know. Then the game will ask you questions linked to what you think, and you will answer. After all, it’ll be able to deduce your thoughts from your actions. It frequently predicts correctly, which is surprising.

The questions asked are stuff like gender, nationality, work, age, or even a pat this individual has. Usually, each question gives five choices. Only after answering multiple questions will the game be able to accurately predict the answer. Check out the game for yourself if you have the time! It is astounding how realistic this game might be. It can cross the planet and time.

Akinator is not any magic or psychological hypnosis. There is an algorithm behind it! Can you envision what type of method you can use to perform this kind of task? Yes, I think that Akinator is employing some sort of categorization. The game’s algorithm eliminates candidates who have a high number of levels of experience. As a starting point, one may consider the character’s gender, asking if he or she is male or not male, unsure, certainly male, or perhaps not male. Let’s say that you had answered: “He is male.”

Robert Downey Jr., Joaquin Phoenix, Detective Conan, Michael Jackson, and David Cameron are the final five candidates to be whittled down through the filtering process. Sodam Park and Pororo are no longer on the algorithm’s mind once you answer the first question.

Let’s imagine the second filter is a job after you’ve selected male as your gender preference. “Does he act?” might be the next question, and the answers could be “yes,” “no,” “probably yes,” “probably not,” and “unknown.” Let’s say you have said “yes”. The last question may be “Did he come out in the Avengers movie?”. There can be only one conclusion: Robert Downey Jr., aka Iron Man!

Isn’t it interesting how similar this procedure is to the classification tree we previously studied? We do not know exactly what Akinator’s algorithm performs, but we may just infer it does something similar. To decrease the number of possible responses, the algorithm is likely to add rules to the possibilities. Once at some point, Genie almost knows the answer, to ask you the right question, like “Did he come out in Avengers?”

Akinator Game
Akinator Game

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