Is Alana De La Garza Leaving the FBI?

Most of the major networks’ shows, including the crime drama “FBI,” have concluded for the season. Despite CBS renewing “FBI” for a fourth season (via Deadline) and ordering a third spin-off series, “FBI: International,” to expand the franchise built by Dick Wolf, there is still an open question left over from the Season 3 finale: Who portrays Isobel Castille, Alana de la Garza?

Since reading the synopsis for the season three finale, in which it is stated, “When five prominent men are gunned down at a trendy New York restaurant, the team’s investigation brings them into contact with a lieutenant in Antonio Vargas’ cartel, triggering a showdown between Isobel and Vargas,” fans have speculated about her departure (via CBS). Since Season 2 of “FBI” didn’t get a real ending due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to wonder how the return of a charismatic recurring nemesis like Vargas (David Zayas) will affect the team.

It was expected that the tension would rise in the final episodes of Season 3, but it would be a shame if something tragic happened to Isobel and forced de la Garza to leave the series. De la Garza has been a great addition to the show since the second season when she replaced Sela Ward after she left “FBI: Most Wanted.” If she were to go, it would be very disappointing.

Here’s what we know about de la Garza’s potential departure from the show, along with Isobel’s fate if she goes with her.

Alana De La Garza Leaving the FBI

Alana De La Garza Does Not Appear To Be Leaving the FBI

While speculation about Alana de la Garza’s departure from the program ran rampant in the weeks leading up to the Season 3 finale of “FBI,” CBS never confirmed the actress’s departure from the show. But that could just suggest that the network is trying to keep her departure a secret. It doesn’t appear like De la Garza is currently attached to any other projects, however, this could simply be an oversight on IMDb’s part. Even yet, it’s tough to know what’s going on behind the scenes given the lack of any evidence to the contrary.

However, when the Season 3 finale of “FBI” aired on May 25, 2021, it seemed like viewers’ worst nightmares hadn’t come true. While the hour was livened by angry exchanges between Vargas and Isobel, it appears that de la Garza will not be replaced.

Though they seemed to positively acknowledge one another in the moments after realizing they’ve succeeded in stopping the bombs at Grand Central Station, the final scenes of Season 3’s finale “Straight Flush” indicate that Isobel and Rina (Kathleen Munroe), who was introduced early in the season, could be headed for some showdowns of their own in the next season.

Just as the credits roll on the third season finale of “FBI,” Rina informs Isobel that she has been promoted to the position of assistant director in charge (ADIC) at the FBI. The fact that Rina appears to be emotionally linked with Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) and that she is skeptical of Isobel’s techniques and inclined to think the worst about her suggests that this could lead to problems in the future.

Season 4 of “FBI” will reveal if de la Garza and Isobel will remain regular cast members and how the situation with Rina will develop.

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