Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 2: Is It Released Or Who Is The Casting

People knows that Korean dramas have beautiful visuals and great cinematography. lets see Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 2 Some titles that come to mind are “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls,” “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” and “Alchemy of Souls,” which gets to the heart of the matter.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 2: The Cast & Crew

For the second season, almost all of the characters from the first season will come back in much better roles. Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung, who play the roles of Jang Uk and Naksu, will also play those characters again. The first actor is known for his parts in Alchemy of Souls Part 1, True Beauty, and Extraordinary You. The second actor is best known for her roles in Sweet Home and Law School.

Hwang Min Hyun plays Seo Yul in the drama. Shin Seung Ho plays Go Won, Yoo Joon Sang plays Park Jin, and Oh Na Ra plays Kim Do Ju. The supporting cast includes Yoon In Soo, Arin, Do Sang Woo, Jo Jae Yoon, Park Eun Hye, Im Chul Sool, Hong Seo Hee, Lee Do Kyung, Lee Ha Yul, Seo Hye Won, Choi Kwang II, Kim Yong Jin, Jung Ji Ahn, Shim So Young, Park So Jin, Lee Ji Ho, and Moon Sook.

Park Joon Hwa, who has directed several hit TV shows, including Bring It On Ghost by Ok Taec-Yoon, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and Touch Your Heart by Lee Dong Wook, will return as director, along with screenwriters Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 2

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Released date

The second season of Alchemy of Souls, which will be called Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow, will be available to stream on December 10, 2022, in Korea on Naver TV and around the world on Netflix.

Beneficial Details

Alchemy of Souls season 2 is a short series with only ten episodes. It will be available to stream for a total of five weeks, with two episodes coming out each week. Even though the dates for the episodes haven’t changed, there could be delays and the dates could change. The release dates for each episode, starting with the first, are listed below for your convenience.

The first two episodes will be available on Netflix on December 10 (Saturday) and 11 (Sunday) (Sunday). The schedule says that the episodes will come out every weekend until the season 2 ends on January 10, 2023.

Also, earlier reports said that the main female lead from the first season, Jung So-min (Mu-deok), wouldn’t be in the second season. The production team told Soompi that Go Yoon Jung would be the new female lead instead of So-min. Mu-near-death deok’s experience at the end of the first season makes it seem more likely that Go Yoon Jung will play Naksu again.

But it hasn’t been proven yet, so it’s just a guess. Since season 1 of Alchemy of Souls left us with a lot to look forward to in season 2, we should expect more plot twists and, if it’s not too much to ask, another season.

Season 2 of Alchemy of Souls: The Story

The tvN drama’s YouTube channel posted a teaser that says the second season takes place three years after the first season. After his beloved Nak Su, who is using Mu-body deok’s as a vessel, killed Jang Uk in a heartbreaking way, we see him holding the Ice Stone while burning in the blue flame and avoiding death because he is the King’s Star.
After causing so much damage, Mu-deok jumps off the cliff into the lake. Even though the ending is meant to make people think she’s gone for good, Mu-deok is saved by two strangers at the end of the episode.

In the teaser, Jang Uk kills the soul-shifters with Nak-sword su’s in a cruel way. The best part of the teaser is when Nak-su shows up in her beautiful white dress for a short time. The first season didn’t show us much about Mu-personality, deok’s so we have a lot to look forward to in the second season.

So, the next season will wrap up all the loose ends from the last one, like Cho-revenge Yeon’s for her father’s death, Nak-return, sun’s and the long-awaited story of Mu-past deok’s and where he came from.

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