Alex Murdaugh’s $4 Million Moselle Estate Has Three Dead Bodies, 1,700 Acres, and a Lot of Pigs

Alex Murdaugh, the heir to a South Carolina legal dynasty, was found guilty of killing his wife and son in a brutal way. This case has been in the news for the past 21 months. Before making their guilty decision on March 2, the jury went back to where it all started.

On Wednesday, the jury went to the family’s huge 1,700-acre Moselle estate in Islandton, South Carolina, to see where Maggie and Paul were killed on June 7, 2021. They went on a tour of the dog kennels where Mr. Murdaugh is said to have set up a trap for his son in the feed room and shot him in the chest and head, neck, and shoulder with a shotgun.

They saw where the husband and father is said to have turned his gun on his wife Maggie right after killing Paul. They saw how she desperately tried to get away from her killer by backing into an ATV under a hangar before being shot five times with a semiautomatic rifle.

But jurors saw more than just that. They also saw a place where a strange death happened three years before the murders in 2021.

Alex Murdaugh's $4 Million Moselle Estate Has Three Dead Bodies, 1,700 Acres, and a Lot of Pigs

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They got a glimpse of the powerful and wealthy Murdaugh family’s life because the $4 million house was their home for many years. They might have even seen some of the estate’s wild hogs, which have been talked about a lot during the murder trial of the disgraced lawyer.

Moselle’s troubled past 4147 Moselle Road is on over 1,700 acres of land along the Salkehatchie River. It has a 5,275-square-foot house, a farm, a two-mile stretch of river, and, of course, dog kennels. Before the Murdaughs lived there, another controversial family owned the property.

Here is the tweet by FoxyGrady Three bodies, 1,700 acres and a whole lot of hogs: Inside Alex Murdaugh’s $4m Moselle estate

Barrett Boulware, a fisherman who was Mr. Murdaugh’s longtime friend and business partner and was thought to be a drug smuggler, lived there. He died in 2018. In 1980, when investigators found 15 tonnes of marijuana on a shrimp boat in the Bahamas, they arrested him and his father on drug smuggling charges.

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