Although the boy’s backpack was searched, his parents are still trying to piece together how he managed to get his teacher killed

Parents at the Virginia elementary school where a 6-year-old boy shot a first-grade teacher this month want to know how he used the weapon after his backpack was searched.

That’s illogical. Desiree Yvette’s 6-year-old daughter witnessed the Jan. 6 Richneck Elementary School shooting that badly wounded Abigail Zwerner.

Yvette continued: “They didn’t physically walk in there to make sure there wasn’t anything there. If so, someone should have noticed. If necessary, they should have searched elsewhere. If not, they failed.”

Yvette was one of several Richneck parents who talked to NBC News on Sunday and questioned how carefully the youngster, his backpack, and the school were examined before the shooting in Zwerner’s 20-student class. Officials say Zwerner is recuperating.

According to parents who observed the virtual town hall, the school system’s superintendent, George Parker III, stated the youngster arrived late and had his book bag inspected when he signed in. “At least one administrator was warned of a probable weapon,” Parker stated in a video acquired by NBC News.

“A school staffer was warned of a probable firearm at Richneck Elementary before the shooting occurred,” a Newport News police spokesman stated.

Although the boy's backpack was searched, his parents are still trying to piece together how he managed to get his teacher killed

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Who searched, why the gun wasn’t located, and whether the child’s clothing was scrutinised weren’t disclosed. After school administrators discovered the child may have brought a pistol, 35-year-old Thomas Britton questioned their actions.

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Britton asked if the child was removed from class and if his parents were informed that he was suspected of bringing a gun to school.

“They peeked in the backpack and said, ‘I don’t see a gun. Return to class?” Britton. “If someone said my child had a weapon, I would want to be told and have him taken from class until it was resolved.” Britton’s kid missed the shooting due to a medical procedure.

Her mother wishes Yvette’s daughter hadn’t been there. Yvette, 31, said Zwerner’s classroom horror terrified the girl.

She cried at her daughter’s suffering.

“She’s terrified of everything and everybody,” Yvette remarked. She’s unsafe. Mrs. Zwerner supported her. She feels unsafe because her safety in that school was affected. She worries that this will hurt those she loves. Mark Anthony Garcia, 38, said his second-grade kid is “shaken up” after hearing the gunfire and helping crying students.

Garcia was furious that the administration didn’t notify parents after the shooting. Garcia said parents rushed to the school in panic after the news broke.

He added that no security personnel could have thoroughly searched the youngster for a gun. The morning security was absent. Daily. Morning security is absent.” Garcia wants to know “who is going to be held accountable” for school security issues.

Last Monday, district officials introduced Richneck’s metal detector. All district schools will receive 90 high-tech metal detectors. The incident closed Richneck, officials added. In 17 months, three school shootings have occurred. Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew says the inquiry continues.

He previously said the child’s mother legitimately bought the 9 mm Taurus weapon used in the shooting and that the boy removed it from his home. Drew said the probe hinges on its security. Drew said Sunday the probe included researching the youngster and his parents. Student witnesses will also be interviewed.

We seek child protective service records. He said school records involving violence, threats, or behavioural difficulties will also be scrutinised.

Drew said, “Regrettably, we want to talk to — I wish we didn’t have to, but to be thorough, we want to do our best — to talk to the students that were in the room. We’ll work with a child psychologist for such interviews.”

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