Former Classmates Alums Matt Turner and Jasmine Davis Get Matching Tattoos After Muffingate

All hail Muffingate! Former Big Brother housemates Matt Turner and Jasmine Davis got matching tattoos to commemorate their on-air fight over cookies.

Turner, 23 years old, captioned an Instagram post of himself and Davis with the phrase “Matching Festie Bestie Muffin Tattoos” on October 1. As the kids say these days, “Super Mega BUSIN.”

His tattoo is an outline of a partially consumed muffin on his upper thigh; Davis, age 30, has a similar pattern on her foot.

In the August episode that started the “Muffingate scandal,” Davis discovered that someone had eaten half of one of her muffins. The native of Georgia then began her inquiry by questioning each house guest about their involvement with the pastries. Turner denied responsibility at first but eventually confessed to Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale.

Alums Matt Turner and Jasmine Davis Get Matching Tattoos

Despite becoming “Festie Besties” as a result of one of the production twists, the southern belle and the Massachusetts native eventually grew tired of each other’s company over the season. As the housemates took turns showering Davis with birthday accolades in August, Turner appeared bored and strained in the live streams.

In spite of their rocky relationship on the CBS reality show, the two have become fast friends since the season finale on September 25.

To which the response was, “Name a greater FESTIE BESTIE DUO! And the muffin was BUSSIN btw,” the owner of Rug Shack captioned a photo of himself and Davis from Tuesday, September 27. And, he joked, “happy birth YEAR to @jasminemonroe,” as the businesswoman likes to make a big deal out of her birthday.

On the 28th of September, a video was posted on Big Brother alum Ameerah Jones’ Instagram Story showing Davis and Turner’s girlfriend, Megan Belmonte, dancing.

The digital artist finished in tenth place and the rug maker in third during season 24 of the reality competition show. There was just one juror, Turner, who sided with Monte Taylor against Hale, 27.

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