Amanda Bynes Net Worth, Real Estate, And Key Points About the Pay

Amanda Bynes is perhaps the most well-known actress in the United States. The actress has been able to increase her wealth thanks to her many cinematic appearances, including the popular series The Amanda Show and the groundbreaking part in She’s the Man. But, Amanda hasn’t been seen in many movies as of late. Please go on to find out her methods of financial gain.

Amanda Bynes Net Worth

Award-winning actress, fashion designer, and singer Amanda Bynes have a net worth of $6 million. Amanda Bynes has accumulated a fortune thanks to her work in cinema and television. She has had a reasonably successful career as a singer and has founded the clothing company, Dear.

Once upon a time, Amanda Bynes could do no wrong. She had a prolific career, starting with guest spots on many Nickelodeon series before starring in her own. She subsequently made the leap to the cinema, starring in box office hits including What a Girl Wants, She’s the Man, Hairspray, and most recently, Easy A.

Things started to go in an unexpected direction at one point. Her erratic conduct began when she announced in 2010 that she would no longer be an actress. She spent most of 2012 in and out of court for driving under the influence, strange conduct in public, and hit-and-run accidents.

Amanda’s parents successfully petitioned for conservatorship over her affairs after she was put under a 72-hour mental-health examination hold in July 2013. Until March 2022, the conservatorship remained in place.

As we’ll see below, Amanda’s parents gave her a clear picture of her financial situation in October 2014. She had a net worth of around $5.7 million at the time, split almost evenly between cash and real estate. Rental revenue brought in around $144,000 for her in the prior year, while royalties and performing pay contributed almost nothing.

Amanda Bynes’ Key Points About the Pay

Amanda’s annual salary dropped from a high of $2–$3 million to a low of $1–$2 million as her career progressed.


In July 2013, Amanda’s parents filed for conservatorship, claiming their daughter had spent through her life savings $1.2 million in less than a year, was living on the streets, and had no reliable source of income.

Amanda Bynes' Key Points About the Pay

They said Amanda made frequent significant cash withdrawals from her account, including two withdrawals of $100,000 on June 4 and July 2. They further said that Amanda recently paid for a cab ride from New York to Los Angeles after being denied boarding at the airport due to her lack of identification documents.

Amanda’s parents filed documents in October 2014 that outlined her whole financial situation at the time. At the time, Amanda had $5.7 million in assets, $2.8 million of which were in the form of real estate and $2.9 million in liquid assets. According to documents, Amanda made around $145,000 the year before by renting out several properties.

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Amanda Bynes Real Estate

Amanda bought a 4,600-square-foot, four-bedroom house in Calabasas, California, in November 2011 for $1.879 million. From at least the year 2005, Amanda has relied mostly on rental revenue from this one piece of land. In October 2012, the rental price was originally advertised at $9,300 per month. There is a $4 million price tag on the house right now.

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