American Horror Story Season 11: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and What We Know So Far!

Here’s all we know so far about the 11th season of American Horror Story, which premieres this fall. In the 10th season of FX’s most popular show, American Horror Story, the first part was filmed at sea and the second in the desert.

In American Horror Story’s double feature’s first six episodes, the seaside community that took The Chemist’s mysterious black pills, which gave them a vampiric bloodlust but provided smart users free creativity for their skillsets.

Other than that, there were Agilent individuals in Death Valley, who had made a pact with US President Dwight Eisenhower to test on millions of people each year in exchange for government technology advancements.

The audience critically disliked the story of Death Valley. However, the expectation for the upcoming season of American Horror Story remains huge in the assumption that the program may return and recreate a whole truckload of possibilities that Red Tide showed. So, without further ado, let’s delve into this post.

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American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date

Fans have been eagerly anticipating season 11 since the airing of season 10 in August of 2021. However, there has been no official word on when season 11 will be released. In January 2020, the series was renewed for three seasons after 10 successful seasons, without any clear-cut announcement.

In the case of American Horror Story, we could see that the majority of episodes are released in October or November. Season DOUBLE FEATURE was released early because fans had previously waited for it because of the COVID 19 release. The 11th season is expected to premiere in the fall of 2022.

In addition, the series has already been extended for three more seasons, so we shouldn’t be pessimistic about its future. Because of this, we must be hopeful but also patient.

As a result, season 11 will begin in September 2022. We’ll be able to watch our beloved FX horror shows again.

American Horror Story Season 11 Cast

It’s been a mixed bag for the American Horror Story season 11 cast, so let’s break it down. This is a good thing because some recognizable faces may show up. The bad news is that a few of the show’s most beloved stars will not be returning.

Jessica Lange and Peter Evans’ roles in the new season are likely to be absent (heartbreaking, we know). Both haven’t been regular cast members for a long time, with Lange returning just in season 8 – Apocalypse.

Sarah Paulson is another cast member who may not be returning to American Horror. Despite appearing on the show for ten seasons, she admitted to What Happens Live that she was “not sure” for the first time in around three years. The current season of Horror Story appears to be my final one. I don’t know, to be honest. Every time Murphy comes to me with a character like this, I’m like, ‘Yes!’ ‘Let’s do this!’ “I’m not sure,” I replied.

We understand that this is a sad day for fans of American Horror Story. The good news is that one of her previous co-stars, a beloved fan actor, may be returning to fill in the gap. Taissa Farmiga, who appeared in the first and third seasons of American Horror Story, has said she’s open to returning to the show.

“It’s a matter of timing.” In the past, there had been discussions, “but then I was filming this, and Covid, and the trip, and all these protocols,” she stated. If it’s the right time and the right opportunity, I can’t say no.” We get to meet up and say, “Hey, it’s me,” which is a great part of the cameo idea.

Many of the show’s more recent regulars are expected to return as well. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and Cody Fern will likely be back for season 11. However, there’s more bad news to report. Finn Wittrock, who has been cast as the title role in HBO’s upcoming Green Lantern series, may not appear in season 11 of American Horror Story.

Fingers crossed that he’ll be able to fit both shows into his schedule. We’ll let you know as soon as the American Horror Story season 11 cast is announced.

And that’s all we know about the 11th season of American Horror Story! Here are our guides to the second season of Shadow and Bone and the second season of Squid Game.

American Horror Story Season 11
American Horror Story Season 11

American Horror Story Season 11 Plot Speculation

It’s currently unknown what Murphy has in store for American Horror Story season 11. The new season will follow a new plot and subject, just like its predecessors. Being an anthology series, it’s safe to assume that the next episode of American Horror Story will take place in a location we haven’t seen before.

The American Horror Story series has introduced us to ghouls, witches, freak shows, and more. The aliens were the focus of the show’s tenth season, so we can safely rule them out. We’re not completely in the dark on the season 11 theme, despite the wide range of possible topics. When Murphy launched a now-deleted poll on Twitter, he asked followers what they wanted to see in the series.

Among the suggestions for possible themes were “Christmas Horror,” “Bloody Mary,” “Piggy Man,” “Sirens,” and “Plague.” Bloody Mary and Sirens were leading when Murphy erased the post just before the winner was announced, but not before all of us keen-eyed fans noticed.

As a reminder, this poll didn’t specifically state that it was a season 11 survey. The choices in the poll could be based on the American Horror Story spin-off series on Hulu. Fans haven’t had a hands-on role in the show’s creation until the upcoming season of American Horror Story, and that’s great.

Bloody Mary is a ghost that may be called by saying her name three times in front of a mirror, according to urban mythology. Sirens, on the other hand, are mythical sea monsters whose seductive songs would entice sailors to their doom at sea. American Horror Story might benefit from any topic, so fingers crossed that the removed poll has an impact on the show’s future.

So, as you can see, I’m afraid the plot for the upcoming season is a bit up in the air at the moment. Season 11 of American Horror Story will, however, be a standalone story. Like season 10, which was split into two distinct episodes.

There will be no more jumping between memories and the present day, as John Landgraf explained to The Wrap in an exclusive interview. As he put it, “The notion of season 11 is one story.” However, “it’s one subject, one story, with a beginning, middle, and end like many of the preceding pieces,” he said.

What’s The Theme For American Horror Story Season 11?

Season 11 of American Horror Story could have a Sirens or a Bloody Mary theme. Why? Because Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, once conducted a Twitter survey in which the two most popular answers were “Sirens” and “Bloody Mary” for future AHS scenarios.

I’m not sure if the showrunners will consider this, but I for one would love to see an AHS season centered around Sirens.

Season 11’s official trailer has yet to be released, so don’t hold your breath for one to appear soon. Trailers for season 11 are expected to be released either in the spring or summer of 2022, depending on when the season premieres.

We will keep you and this post updated as soon as we learn anything new about the 11th season of AHS. Rewatching our favorite seasons will have to suffice for the time being.

How Many Episodes Are Expected in Ahs Season 11

In addition, the number of episodes for the upcoming season of American Horror Story is still a mystery. Season 11 is expected to include between nine and thirteen episodes, according to the expectations of the show’s audience.

Even though the majority of American Horror Story’s episodes are between 11 and 13, However, the number of episodes has reduced in recent seasons. As a result, Season 11 may have fewer episodes than originally planned.

Due to the pandemic Corona Virus 2019, Season 10 only featured 8 episodes.

Season 11 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY will feature an unknown number of episodes.

What to Expect from The American Horror Story Season 11

American Horror Story’s next season’s plot details are yet to be revealed by creator Ryan Murphy.

Viewers and die-hard fans, on the other hand, know exactly what to expect in Season 11. Season 11 is expected to be bloodier than season 10 because of this.

In addition, director Murphy Jas requested on Twitter that viewers give their thoughts on Season 11’s central themes. Fans may choose from a wide range of themes, such as Aliens, Sirens, Plague, and even Christmas Horror, thanks to his efforts.

Bloody Mary or Sirens were the options he gave his fans when it came to what they wanted to watch in Season 11.

In addition, Murphy has yet to specify which of these subjects he has selected.

Because the narratives of each season of American Horror Story have not been divulged before their airing, it is impossible to predict what will happen in season 11.

Season 11, on the other hand, consists of Christmas Horror, Aliens, Bloody Mary, Plague, Sirens, and Piggy Man (among other things). Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this concept has already been introduced in DEATH VALLEY, episode 10 of Season 10.

Based on what we saw in the previous season, these are merely speculations. We have no strong evidence to back up our claim. Exactly what I expect. Using it, you’ll be able to tell the hour.

The Conclusion

There is also the likelihood that sirens will be prominent in season 11 because they were widely reported in season 10. As a result, an underwater location for AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 11 is possible.

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