Americans kidnapped in Mexico is a wake-up call. The violence is our problem

The latest kidnapping and murder of U.S. citizens demonstrates that Mexico’s violence is no joke.

The violence is nothing new for Mexicans, who have picked up a trail of bodies for the previous twenty years.

Nonetheless, Americans have been mostly left alone in this raging conflict, perhaps because the cartels recognise that interfering with American citizens is bad for business.

People on both sides of the border were shocked on Friday when four U.S. citizens were kidnapped at gunpoint as they passed into Matamoros, Tamaulipas, just across from Brownsville, Texas.

Now we know that two were killed and one was injured. The two Americans recovered alive were returned to the United States on Tuesday.

Here is the tweet by sirimahanthesh Americans kidnapped in Mexico is a wake-up call. The violence is our problem, too.

Biden extols the virtues of immigration, but when will he safeguard Dreamers such as myself from deportation?

No human being should experience such brutality.
Pictures of the shooting and kidnapping in broad daylight, as well as the subsequent search that led to the discovery of the two victims, are a macabre illustration of the impunity that reigns in Mexico and the caution with which Americans approach its perils.

The Americans’ journey into Mexico is still shrouded in mystery.

According to the authorities, the kidnapping looks to be a case of mistaken identity. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador swiftly deployed many law enforcement agencies to locate them, prompting Mexicans to protest that he does not do the same for his own citizens ensnared in cartel battles.

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