What is Amy Winehouse Cause of Death? The Dying Words of Amy Winehouse

The news of Amy Winehouse’s de@th reverberated around the globe. Fans were moved by her honest lyrics, while critics were charmed by the way she blended jazz, soul, and R&B.

The unexpected success of songs like Frank and Back to Black, however, matched her mounting personal troubles and addiction struggles, which at times overshadowed her music. Fans were left wondering how Amy Winehouse died after her sudden and unexpected de@th at such a young age.

Amy Winehouse Cause of De@th

Amy Winehouse, the British chanteuse who died after a long decline, was beloved by many for her fusion of soul and jazz in her brand of diverse pop.

Fans all over the world fawned over her thanks to breakout hits like “Rehab,” but the song also alluded to her battles with substance abuse. Amy Winehouse, who was only 27 years old when she died on July 23, 2011, succumbed to alcohol poisoning at her home in London.

What We Know So Far About Amy Winehouse’s De@th?

What We Know So Far About Amy Winehouses De@th

Amy Winehouse, who battled alcoholism for much of her life, joined the 27 Club, an unfortunate organization consisting of legendary musicians who all died before turning 28.

Everyone who knew and loved Amy Winehouse was shocked and devastated by her untimely demise. Her own mother claimed she was destined to die before she turned 30.

As soon as the news hit the stands, people started pointing the blame. Some pointed the finger at Winehouse’s dad, Mitch, who is notorious for saying his daughter doesn’t need to check into a rehab center. (His opinion shifted afterward.) He is heard stating much the same thing in the 2015 documentary Amy. However, in an interview with The Guardian, he said that the video in question had been doctored.

A date from 2005, he said. Amy had been drinking and had stumbled, hitting her head on the floor. She came over to my place, and her manager stopped by to tell me, “She has to go to rehab.” However, she was not a daily drinker.

Like many of her peers, she would go out and drink excessively. Moreover, I argued, “She doesn’t need to go to rehab.” In the movie, I’m the narrator, and I tell the audience that “She didn’t need to go to rehab at that time.” They took removed “at that time” from my original recording.

“We made many mistakes,” Mitch Winehouse admitted. “But not loving our daughter was not one of them.”

Winehouse’s de@th was also attributed to her former husband. In a 2018 television interview, Fielder-Civil disagreed. He said the media overstated the importance of drugs in their relationship and his own responsibility for her demise.

“I feel I am the only person that’s taken responsibility and has done since she was alive,” he said. “I feel that maybe since the last film about Amy came out about two years ago, the documentary, there’s been a certain shift in the blame to other parties. But before that, pre that — and probably still now — I’m the only person that’s taken any responsibility.”

Finally, some people pointed the finger at the media for portraying Winehouse as a troubled diva, if not an absolute trainwreck. ‘We observed her degeneration every day, in every picture,’ reflected one devoted viewer. We could as well have been traveling alongside her. People really cared that she get well.

A close friend of Amy’s summed it up like this: “Yes she did this to herself, yes she was self-destructive, but she was a victim too. We all have to take a bit of responsibility, us the public, the paparazzi. She was a star, but I want people to remember that she was also just a girl.”

The tweet below remembers Amy Winehouse’s 38th birthday:

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The Dying Words of Amy Winehouse

The artist’s final words were reportedly, “I don’t want to die.”

When Dr. Romete went to see her the night before she passed away, she said this after having abstained from drinking for quite some time. Dr. Romete was probably the last person to speak with Amy Winehouse, therefore he may have heard her final remarks.

In a heartbreaking voice, she murmured, “I don’t want to die.” It seems that the gravity of her predicament had not been lost on her.

The next day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, her bodyguard discovered the diva unresponsive and contacted 911. Two ambulances arrived shortly after, confirming her de@th.

At 3:54 p.m. local time in Camden, London, Amy Winehouse passed away. At the time, she was 27 years old.

Now it is possible that the star said something to her bodyguard, or another member of her household before she died. It is also possible that she may have called a friend. But to date, no one has come forward, meaning the words Dr. Romete heard were likely the last uttered by the star.

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