Andrew Santino: Net Worth, Bio & Career!

Andrew W. Santino is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster. He was born on October 16th, 1983. He is best recognized for his roles in the television series Sin City Saints and the films The Disaster Artist, Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, and Dave.

A Life Story of Andrew Santino

Comedian Andrew Santino was born in the United States on October 16, 1983. After being named one of Comedy Central’s Top 10 Comics to Watch, he got a part in the How I Met Your Dad pilot and made an appearance on the ABC sitcom Mixology. Astrologers have determined that Andrew Santino’s zodiac sign is Libra. Actor, comedian, and podcaster Andrew Santino was born on October 16, 1983, in the United States. He is renowned for his roles in the TV shows and films Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, The Disaster Artist, and Sin City Ss.

He entered the world in the Windy City. On I’m Dying Up Here, he played a pivotal role as Bill Hobbs, a gifted comic who eventually kills himself thanks to his negative outlook onfictionalizedsently portrays a fictionalised version of rapper Lil Dicky in the TV sitcom Dave. Santino portrays Dave’s roommate and manager. His 2017 Showtime special, “Home Field Advantage,” was a hit.

In the NBC family drama This Is Us, he also played the role of a producer for the fictional sitcom The Manny. Santino hosts and produces the podcast Whiskey Ginger, in which he and his entertainment industry pals chat over a few drinks and some nostalgic reminiscing. For his undergraduate degree, Santino attended Arizona State University. The Bad Friends podcast was co-hosted by Santino and Bobby Lee beginning in the year 2020.

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Net Worth of Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino is among the most successful and well-known comedians in the world. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider were among the resources we reviewed to come up with this price tag. Estimates pl Andrew Santino’s wealth at at $1.5 million. He got his start writing and starring in the final season of MTV, Punk’d.

Professional Life

Andrew Santino’s notoriety grew thanks to the funny works he produced that centered on his pessimistic outlook on life. Even in the film “I’m Dying Up Here,” he played a character named Bill Hobbs. On the other hand, this is not where his professional life began. At the beginning of his career, Andrew had worked as a writer. He wrote the scripts for the MTV series “Punk’d.” The positive reception of his inventive works encouraged him to pursue professional success. Santino isn’t just a great writer; he’s also a superb performer.

He has guest starred in a wide variety of shows and movies, as well as in ad campaigns. Current TV appearances include “How I Met Your Mother” and “Trilogy.” He is now known for hosting the popular podcast “Whiskey Ginger.” The fact that he drinks whisky throughout the interviews is noteworthy. They co-host a podcast called Bad Friends with Bobby Lee.

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Married life, starting a family

Andrew Santino has just revealed his sexual orientation. He came out as gay and had told everyone. He’s very open about his friendship with fellow comedian Chris D’Elia. He finally realized it was all in good fun, though. Andrew tied the knot with an international tabloid in 2018. He and his new wife, Jessica, went swimming while still dressed for the ceremony. Together, they don’t make any kind of parent.

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