10 Anime to Watch if You Love Ouran High School Host Club!

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About Ouran High School Host Club

There is a group at Ouran High School that seems to enjoy constant attention. The Ouran High School Host Club is staffed by eligible bachelors of varying interests and personalities.

Ouran High School stands on its own as a highly selective educational facility. Haruhi Fujioka, the new female student, is as shocked as everyone that she wound up there. The fact that she isn’t renowned and wealthy makes her feel like an outcast. When she accidentally breaks a priceless vase belonging to the Ouran High School Host Club, she finds herself in hot water. Due to financial constraints, she must take on the role of hostess even though she is a female. Haruhi, who seems as somewhat boyish and unpretentious, has taken over as the club’s hostess. Consequently, she and the other hosts have exciting adventures ahead of them!

The anime has a global fanbase. It’s unique even among reverse harem and shoujo works. There’s also a good dose of wit and romanticism in there. If you appreciated it because of these qualities, you’ll probably be thrilled to hear about more anime that share them. We’ve compiled a list of shows that are similar to Ouran High School Host Club.

1. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge (The Wallflower)

Four handsome young men need a place to stay, so they decide to make a ridiculous bargain to acquire what they want. The agreement is to have Sunako Nakahara transformed into a woman.

Sunako has a hard time adjusting to the role of a lady. She’s strange, morose, and obsessed with scary movies. It’s not easy to mould such a girl into a ladylike person. The four roommates are so determined to stay rent-free in the mansion that they’ll do anything to make Sunako into a proper woman.

2. Fruits Basket

The Souma family is keeping a huge secret from the rest of the world. All of their ancestors were doomed to be signs of the zodiac. Every time a member interacts with someone of the opposing sex, they take on the characteristics of their zodiac animal. They take this seriously because of the sinister secret it conceals.

Tooru Honda, a little girl, one day uncovers the family secret of the Souma. The Souma people she meets are very sympathetic and helpful. And one of them is a fellow student of hers. Furthermore, she is adept at keeping a secret. While working through her issues, she integrates herself into the household by learning about and talking to everyone. And she does this while protecting their secret!

3. Special A

Get to know Hikari Miyazono, aka “Miss Number 2!” That’s because she’s so much less impressive than Kei Takashima, her main competitor. When compared to her peers, she consistently places second in both the classroom and the field. Both of them are now enrolled in Hakusenkan, an extremely prestigious institution that caters to the children of the wealthy and powerful, neither of which Hikari’s parents fall into.

So, Hikari sets off, equipped solely with her willpower and drive to win. It’s not just her, either. Other than Kei, her friends are on the same level of sophistication. Kei doesn’t express it verbally, but his actions reveal how much he cares for and values her. There’s more than just rivalry going on between them.

4. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa, as president of the student council at what was formerly an all-boys school, sees it as her responsibility to prevent misbehaviour among the male students and to safeguard the few female students who go there. So, she became the school’s demonic president, and every boy in the school was terrified of her.

Yet despite her terrifying demeanour, she is hiding something from everyone. Is there a secret? A maid café is where she earns her living. She never had to worry about blowing her secret, until Usui Takumi, the school’s most popular boy, paid a visit to the maid café where she worked. Now that her secret is out in the open, she must deal with him or risk exposing herself.

5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

Shizuku Mizutani is a serious and solitary high school student. Haru Yoshida is a withdrawn young man who displayed extreme violence on the first day of school and was consequently expelled. They will discover that, despite their seeming differences, they share many commonalities.

They’re both incredibly intelligent and socially uncomfortable to the point of being nearly friendless. The day they met was the beginning of a transformation in both of their lives. What kind of outcome can we expect from their offbeat romance? A relationship between two people who have never been taught how to be polite to one another or how to behave in public will open up a whole new range of experiences for both of them.

6. School Rumble

It’s not easy to be romantic. This is especially true when it emerges in the middle of the school year for teenagers. In this specific tale, love adds a humorous layer of complexity to everyone’s lives.

Tenma Tsukamoto is a girl who likes a guy named Ouji Karasuma but is unable to tell him how she feels. There’s also Kenji Harima, a guy who has a crush on Tenma but can’t bring himself to admit it. Because of his strange and uncaring personality, Karasuma is probably unaware that he is at the centre of a romantic triangle. Everyone becomes entangled in the comical romantic chaos that ensues.

7. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Little does Chiyo Sakura realise that her upcoming confession to Umetarou Nozaki will mark the beginning of her career as his assistant. Chiyo was put in an unpleasant position because confession isn’t always met with positive results. At least now she feels even more connected to Nozaki than before!

Nozaki has hired Chiyo to be his assistant in his comic work. It turns out that his real name is Sakiko Yumeno, and that he is a popular shoujo mangaka. Now she’s looking for ways to express her affection for him while also helping him in his quest to create shoujo manga by mining their daily school lives for inspiration.

8. Toradora!

What a hilarious scenario it would be if two misfits joined forces to pursue love feelings for each other’s best friend! That’s the case, therefore, for Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka! It’s a complete fluke that they ended up together.

It turns out that Ryuuji has a crush on his best friend’s best buddy, Taiga, and that Taiga has a crush on Ryuuji’s best friend, Ryuuji. They’ll both be major players in the chaos that brings them together in the end.

Anime Like Ouran Host Club
Anime Like Ouran Host Club

9. Kimi ni Todoke

Meet Sadako Kuronuma, the inspiration behind Kimi ni Todoke. She looks and acts like she stepped out of the movie The Ring; her startling good looks and dismal demeanour are dead giveaways. This is a major problem for her since it explains why she has no friends and is completely unapproachable. Fortunately, a boy in her class is on the way to rescuing her from the shadows.

A lot of people like and respect Shouta Kazehaya. Many of his classmates, including Sawako, think highly of him. And when they do meet, an unexpectedly simple chemical reaction is born! They are a match made in heaven, and Sawako’s life is about to transform.

10. Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Numerous proponents of this belief assert that love is unwavering and unalterable. Yet, could that possibly be true? And while love remains unchanged, humans always evolve. This is the tale of two people who loved each other secretly.

Tanaka Kou and Yoshioka Futaba knew each other back when they were in middle school. They both had feelings for one another behind each other’s backs, but strange circumstances and miscommunication led to them going their separate ways. Yoshioka is a completely different person by the time he reaches high school. The events of her past have made her act in a manner that is unladylike and more masculine than she would like. When Tanaka Kou suddenly reappears, though, the tides begin to turn once more. But now he goes by Mabuchi instead of Tanaka. His name change is just the beginning of much larger transformations.

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