Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death And Who Found Anna’s Body?

On November 28, 1967, in Houston, Texas, Anna Nicole Smith entered the world. She epitomized the stereotypical blonde beauty of the mid-1990s. Her story is of a vibrant woman who triumphed through adversity to become a successful businesswoman.

She had a rough family life and dropped out of school, but she was always motivated to make something of herself. Her appearance in “Playboy” magazine catapulted her to fame. International editions of “Vogue,” “Vanity Fair,” “The Face,” etc. featured her as well. She married at age 26 to oil mogul J. Howard Marshall II (then 89) garnered a lot of attention.

She was working hard to break into the film industry. Her sexual symbol popularity resulted in a steady stream of role offers. No matter what she did, it was reported. There is still a great deal of curiosity and speculation about her, even after her passing. Numerous books, documentaries, and movies have been written and made about her life and sudden death. Keep reading to find out what ultimately led to her demise.

Exactly What Was Going on in Her Life?

As has been established, Anna Nicole was going through a period of intense loss and change before she passed away. She was allegedly devastated by Daniel’s early death at the age of 20.

“Anna saw herself as both mother and father to Daniel,” her ex-boyfriend and lawyer Howard K. Stern told PEOPLE in 2007 after her death. Everything was about Daniel from the moment I met her. Physically, she passed away last week, but emotionally, she passed away with Daniel.

She ran away to the Bahamas soon after Daniel was killed and had an informal commitment ceremony with Stern there, though they were never married. In the months leading up to Danielynn’s death, they allegedly tried to steer clear of conversations about her disputed paternity.

She was also still fighting for a piece of J. Howard Marshall’s estate, a fight that had seemingly gone on forever. Stern’s prolonged attempt, which included appeals, would not be resolved until 2014, seven years after her death.

Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death

On March 26, 2007, a month after her death, Anna Nicole’s postmortem report was made public, revealing that she had died from an accidental overdose of the sedative medication chloral hydrate.

Mixed with other legal medications such as Benadryl and Topamax, as well as a few benzodiazepines. None of the drugs found in Anna’s system were illegal, but others, including Stern’s, had prescriptions for them.

The postmortem report, obtained by Heavy, allegedly revealed that Anna had been suffering from “Depression following recent delivery of term infant and the recent death of an adult son.”

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Maurice Brighthaupt and Wife’s Found Anna’s Body

Maurice Brighthaupt and Wife's Found Anna's Body

Big Moe Maurice Brighthaupt and his wife discovered the body of Anna Nicole on the floor of her Florida hotel room. Both he and his wife, an emergency nurse, performed CPR on her before taking her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 2:49.

Even after ten years, Maurice said he remained “haunted” by the traumatic event and the loss of brilliant Anna. He reportedly told The Daily Mail in 2017: “Even though it was ten years ago, I still haven’t fully come to terms with her death.” She refused medical care in her final days, despite my best efforts to help her.

All of us were gathered around her, and we did nothing except enable her bad behavior. I was an enabler for ten years before I admitted it to myself. They can shine because of us. We prop up those in positions of authority, who oftentimes believe they are larger than life, but we can’t tame the elements.

“The moment I saw her slip away is seared into my mind and haunts me in my sleep even now.”

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