What is Anna Shay Cause of De@th? The Cast and Fans of Bling Empire Remember Anna Shay

The outrageously wealthy Asian Americans of Los Angeles are the subjects of Bling Empire, a Netflix unscripted reality program that gives viewers a glimpse inside the lives of the ultra-rich.

In 2021, Shay made her debut on Bling Empire, which immediately became a Netflix hit.

Anna Shay didn’t waste any time sharing nuggets of wisdom with the crowd or her pals (“There are consequences to everything in life,” she remarks at one point). I don’t feel the urge to compete,” she said to another. I find it quite irritating.

On Monday (June 5), news spread among followers that the Bling Empire actress had passed away after a courageous fight against a terminal illness. What led to her de@th, and how much she was worth, are both questions we need answered. Keep reading if you’re interested.

When Did Anna Shay Pass Away, and Why?

At age 62, Bling Empire’s Anna Shay passed away. The reality star’s family said in a statement to People on Monday that she had died suddenly of a stroke.

Anna Shay was “a loving mother, grandmother, charismatic star, and our brightest ray of sunshine,” according to a statement released by her family after her untimely de@th at the age of 62 due to a stroke. Anna instilled in us the values of not taking things too seriously and appreciating the little things in life. We can never forget the difference she made in our lives.

Shay’s last post to Instagram was a holiday greeting and an extra thank you to Netflix, which she shared with her followers back in December.


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Kenny Kemp, the star’s son, is left behind. The message may be about Shay’s grandchildren, but no one knows who they are.

The Cast and Fans of Bling Empire Remember Anna Shay

The Cast and Fans of Bling Empire Remember Anna Shay

The former Bling Empire star’s last Instagram post was in December 2022, and it was filled with messages of condolence from her followers.

Two of Anna’s admirers have said, “I’ve never known anyone quite like you” and “You have amazing energy, elegance, and soul.” Kelly Mi Li, one of the cast members, shared numerous photographs of herself and the other Bling Empire actors with Anna on Instagram, including a group hug and a clip from their appearance on Celebrity Family Feud with Steve Harvey.

Kelly accompanied the photo with the statement, “You are truly one of a kind and we will miss you forever.”


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Soon after the premiere of Bling Empire, Anna became a household name thanks to the show and the reality television industry took notice. But she certainly didn’t expect any of this, especially given her self-perception as a shy person.

She claims that her popularity on Bling Empire can be attributed to the fact that viewers got to see the “real Anna” on the show. Since producer manipulation and staged situations are so typical in the reality TV genre, this is a welcome change.

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Since Bling Empire was canceled in April, viewers will no longer get to see Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Kelly, and the rest of the ensemble flaunt their lavish lifestyles on television. Bling Empire season 4 may have shown the cast reacting to Anna’s de@th if the reality program had continued. To the woman who made such an influence on the Bling Empire series, it would have been a fitting and heartfelt send-off.

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