What is Anne Heche Cause of Death? Heche’s Battles With Mental Health Issues

Anne Heche, a famous American actress, made her acting debut in the popular TV series ‘Another World.’ She said her father had s*xually molested her when she was a child. As they defended her father, a rift developed in her relationship with her mother and her lone surviving sister.

She has roles in Fatal Desire, The Brave, Wild Side, Walking and Talking, and I Know What You Did Last Summer among other shows and movies. Throughout her career, her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres was a source of much debate. She then wed Coley Laffoon, only to end up divorcing him. After that, she began dating James Tupper, with whom she had another son.

She wrote a memoir titled “Call Me Crazy: A Memoir,” in which she details the upheavals in her life, such as her father’s abuse and her lesbian romance. After breaking up with DeGeneres, she struggled with mental and emotional health and need professional help. Six days after a catastrophic vehicle accident, Anne Heche passed away on August 6, 2022, in a Los Angeles hospital. That meant she was 53 years old.

Anne Heche Cause of Death

According to the official autopsy report acquired by the Los Angeles Times, Anne Heche was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when she slammed her car into a house on August 5. She had used cocaine and cannabis in the past, but not at the time of the horrific collision, according to a toxicology analysis based on blood and urine samples.

In addition, the hospital had given Heche fentanyl for pain, as confirmed by the coroner. After Heche’s death, authorities discontinued their probe into the crash under the “felony DUI traffic collision” classification.

“Any information or records that have been requested prior to this turn of events will still be collected as they arrive as a matter of formalities and included in the overall case,” the Los Angeles Police Department stated in a statement. When a suspect in a criminal case dies, we don’t submit their case for filing.

The Los Angeles County coroner has found that Heche’s death was unintentional, with inhalation and heat injuries being the official causes of death. Blunt impact to the chest resulted in a cracked sternum, which was also said to have contributed “significantly.”

Six days after her car accident in Los Angeles, Heche, then 53 years old, was pronounced brain dead. On August 14 when organ donors were located, Heche’s life support was turned off. Homer Laffoon, Heche’s eldest son, will act as executor of her estate. The woman whose home was burned in the fire caused by the crash is suing for $2 million.

Heche’s Battles With Mental Health Issues

Heche's Battles With Mental Health Issues

Heche reportedly had a hard time dealing with her father’s s*xual abuse for a long time. She admitted that she self-medicated with sex and drugs to deal with her embarrassment. The actor said, “I drank,” in an interview with ABC.

My vice was smoking. A: I experimented with drugs. I’ve been in the sack with numerous individuals. I tried everything I could think of to erase the stigma from my memory. She had a dual personality in which she considered herself an incarnation of God, and acting gave her the freedom to explore those ideas.

The attention she received thanks to her romance with DeGeneres was probably not for the best. She told ABC News that she was still having mental health issues and that it wasn’t until she and DeGeneres broke up in 2000 that she reached her lowest point.

She was lost in the Fresno, California, suburbs, listening to voices and searching for a spaceship. She revealed this experience to Larry King of CNN in 2001 as the catalyst for addressing her mental health. Her first son, Homer, was born in 2002 after she had met and married videographer Coley Laffoon.

After working together on “Men in Trees,” she began dating James Tupper. Atlas Tupper is the son of Tupper and Heche, according to Fox News. Heche’s upcoming projects include many films that have already gone into post-production, in addition to “The Vanished” and “13 Minutes,” in which she starred most recently.

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Anne Heche’s Recent Podcast Gained the Attention

The death of Anne Heche has left many wondering what happened. Some have even listened to the podcast “Better Together with Anne Heche and Heather Duffy” (through Fox News) in an attempt to deduce information about her whereabouts.

As Heche herself admitted on a podcast session that aired just before the crash, she had been drinking vodka and was having “a very bad day.” The podcast was published on the day of the crash, but producer Ryan Tillotson informed ET that it had been taped beforehand. In a statement, he explained, “The episode was filmed on the Tuesday before the episode was released and has been withdrawn due to erroneous reporting. There is no truth to the rumors that she captured that scene on the day of the disaster.

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