Are Alexis And Hunter Still Together: Hunter told Women’s Health?

let me see you Are Alexis And Hunter Still Together, To say that the new dating show on Netflix, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, is heated would be an understatement.

Reality television shows put couples in the spotlight and force them to decide their future together: get engaged or break up. The fact that one partner in the relationship is eager to take the next step in the relationship coming into the show, while the other is hesitant to fully commit, is not exactly helpful.

Consequently, we are now going to discuss Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr. Before going through The Ultimatum event, the couple had already been together for two years, and during that time, Alexis had come to the realisation that she was ready for Hunter to either marry her or break up with her.

They don’t regret anything about their time on The Ultimatum.?

The show’s other cast members, as well as a significant number of spectators, were taken aback when Hunter decided on the spur of the moment to pop the question to Alexis while they were filming. But according to what Hunter told Women’s Health, he has not had any second thoughts about how everything transpired.

“I don’t regret proposing at all. I mean, I needed to have an answer to that question before I could move forward with making the decision, right? I was aware that in order for me to propose to Alexis, I needed to be very certain that she would say yes “he explains.

Are Alexis And Hunter Still Together:

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“I was able to come to that conclusion, and I continue to feel the same way today. Since I have completed the activity, I can say without a doubt that I have never once looked back on it and thought, “Oh, that, that would’ve been great.”

Alexis explains, “For us, it was the ideal situation.” “I believe that as a result of going through it and emerging on the other side, we are stronger.” She goes on to say, “I regret nothing, with the possible exception of pulling my hair back during your engagement” (which TBH, I get).

When asked about how they’ve evolved after appearing on the show, Hunter states the following: “I definitely improved my ability to be more open with other people in social settings, as well as my ability to be more authentic and expressive versions of myself. A lot more information about Alexis, including some of the other qualities that I truly like, was brought to my attention.”

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According to Alexis, “the most significant thing from watching everything back was, I think over the course of our relationship, I was really concerned on finances.” She heard someone say, “That’s a huge decision in a marriage,” but now she knows that it’s not the only decision in a marriage.

Are Alexis And Hunter Still Together

Yes! Alexis and Hunter are still together now, even though they announced their engagement on the show. They have also become an official Instagram account.

“Secret IS out. I get to marry my best friend! Definitely the most fortunate young lady in the history of the world. At the Rustic Tap, the malfunctioning television that led me to your table will remain in my gratitude forever.

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They have recently moved in together in Los Angeles, California, and are making preparations for their wedding: “We’ve decided to tie the knot this coming summer. We started making plans, thank goodness, a year ago, so we’ve had plenty of time to get everything in order, but now that we’re entering the home stretch, things are starting to heat up “WH was informed by Hunter.

In addition to that, Alexis is also thrilled. “Ever since I was like five years old, I’ve wanted to get married out here in Los Angeles,” she added. “It’s always been my dream.” “I used to drive past this church all the time, and now that we’re being married there, it’s almost like a dream come true,” she said.

However, their co-stars from The Ultimatum will not be included on the guest list. Despite the fact that Hunter wanted to invite everyone of his friends and family, he came to the realisation that “weddings are expensive, and you can’t have everybody,” despite the fact that they wish they could. However, they affirm that they maintain communication with the remaining members of the cast (“some more than others,” according to Alexis).

After the wedding, what should we do next? The couple described their honeymoon as being a two-week trip to Greece. Alexis has stated that she is prepared to postpone the beginning of a family for a while.

“If after a year we decide that we want to begin discussing it, then it would be consistent with the strategy. But I don’t really see us planning kids. I believe that it will just take place naturally.”

Congratulations to the joyfully married couple!

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