Are Isha and Michael Still Together: Where are “Twentysomethings: Austin” stars Isha and Michael?

Are Isha and Michael Still Together: The reality program Twentysomethings Austin, which is available on Netflix, follows a group of eight random people as they live together for one week in a house in Austin, Texas, and talk to one another about the highs and lows of their personal lives. Because there are no restrictions in the home, the performers are at liberty to explore, learn more about who they truly are, and have a good time.

“Twentysomethings Austin” has already made its debut on Netflix with all six episodes of each of its seasons, which each have a length of six episodes (on December 10 and 17 respectively). There were a total of eight individuals in the home, and one of the relationships that seemed to have the most potential was the one between Isha Punja and Michael Fractor. However, what took place once the show was over?

Are Isha and Michael Still Together?

Abbey Humphreys and Kamari Bonds, and Isha Punja and Michael Fractor, to name a few, developed love feelings for one another on the set of the Twentysomethings Austin episode. Instead of developing romantic feelings for one other, Abbey and Kamari stayed on friendly terms.

While Isha Punja and Michael Fractor were gently creating the basis for a relationship, Michael ultimately opted to leave Austin and return to California to focus on his profession as a stand-up comedian before the two could make their relationship public.

Some of the twentysomethings in Austin preferred to return home after the event, while others decided to make Texas’ capital city their permanent home. They left their home in Austin at the end of the program and had to make some decisions regarding their professional future. Isha is in a similar situation to Michael after he decides to move back to California, so she decides to stay in Texas and focus on growing her fashion design firm, “Hut Mentality.”

There was a scenario where Michael had just said goodbye to Isha and was getting ready to leave for California when he chose to stay in Austin instead. After Fractor returned home, Michael informed him that he would be staying at the Austin home for as long as Isha was. A job is a job, he said; there are many of them around, but there’s only one Isha.

Micheal and Isha are very dedicated to one another, even if they haven’t made their relationship public just yet. Despite the show’s cliffhanger ending, Michael and Isha are still together, as evidenced by their mutual social media following.

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Who is Isha Punja?

After receiving her degree in economics from Berkeley College, Isha Punja started her clothing brand with the help of her parents. Since then, she has been quite successful in the fashion industry. “I do think I’m clever, but every once in a while, yeah, I say things that can come off as a bit ditzy,” she admits.

Are Isha and Michael Still Together
She uprooted her life and moved to the state of Texas so that she could provide her firm with greater service. Her company, Hut Mentality, makes use of Indian spices that she imports. Her whole body of work is entirely made by hand by artisans living in isolated villages across India. Her designs were featured in British Vogue and presented at New York Fashion Week. Her shows were very well received.

Who is Michael Fractor?

Stand-up comedy is the path that Michael Fractor intends to pursue for his future career. In the year 2021, he started looking into the possibility of making this his future line of work. He uprooted his life and moved to Austin in an attempt to accomplish this objective. His sense of humor is quite sarcastic and is loaded with a lot of dad jokes. He made a statement along the lines of, “Imagine what it’s like to be Jewish and strange.”

That’s us, [my family and I] to be specific. Because of my mother, even the slightest sneeze makes me feel terrible. After that, he went on to say, “Just before I arrived here, we bought a dog.” And even though it was my obligation to take care of the dog, she brings up the fact that I gave up on him every time we have a phone conversation with one other.

Where Are “Twentysomethings: Austin” Stars Isha and Michael?

Production for the first season of Twentysomethings: Austin was completed in late November 2021, and the premiere episode was released on Netflix only a few short weeks afterward. A few weeks after filming concluded, Isha was actively advertising her clothing brand on various online platforms. On the other side, Michael has been talking about episodes online.

Michael’s decision to remain in Austin leaves it unknown if he has secured gainful employment or whether he will try his hand at standup comedy once again now that the program has shown. Fans in Austin will be watching Michael and Isha’s social media accounts closely for the foreseeable future because the two have been so secretive about their relationship and their plans for the city. The first season of Twentysomethings: Austin may now be seen on Netflix.

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