Are Michael And Angela Still Together:  Are They Planing To Move In U.S.

Angela Deem told fans of 90 Day Fiancé how things are going with her marriage to Michael Ilesanmi now. let’s see Are Michael And Angela Still Together Michael first met on the second season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. During that season, she flew to Nigeria for the first time. Angela and Michael had many problems because of their different backgrounds and ages, like when they couldn’t agree on whether or not to have a baby. Michael and his family expected Angela to “carry” their child, even though she was a grandmother of six.

About Michael and Angela

Michael was from Nigeria, while Angela was from Georgia. During season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé, the two people decided to break up. But this didn’t last long, because in the third season of the show, they fell in love again. Since then, the couple has had trouble with family, lies, and Angela’s inability to have children.

But even with all of the problems, the couple decided to get married. Angela wanted to get married in the United States of America, where her mother lived. Michael was not able to get a US visa, though. Michael’s parents pushed Angela to get married in Nigeria when she went there to visit Michael. Also, Michael’s friends had an effect on her. Angela went back to the United States after that, but she didn’t get married.

Are Michael And Angela Still Together

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Michael’s visa application was about to be turned down, so Angela decided to marry her true love in Nigeria. The two of them then decided to get Michael a spouse visa. Even though their wedding was in January, it hasn’t been shown on TV yet. The wedding of Michael and Angela could be part of the new season of 90 Day Fiancé.

Are Michael And Angela Still Together

Angela is so angry that she takes the red flags literally and wrecks Michael’s car when he says no to her visit. Even though their love story is full of ups and downs, they are still together. People knew they didn’t trust each other and fought all the time, which made them look desperate to the media. In the last episode, number 9, it is shown that Michael didn’t react very well, which made her angry. She even said, “I love you, but you will not f—ing take me for granted.” During a conversation, it comes out that “she is still with Michael and they are waiting for his visa.”

Is Angela still married to Michael

They have been married for two years and are waiting for Michael’s visa so they can move to the United States. The wedding took place in Nigeria, Michael’s home country, in January 2020. When Angela went back to her home in Georgia, she took it upon herself to apply for Micahel’s visa. But in the last episode, she said she would lose it again if she found out Michael had cheated on her. But it seems like the couple’s relationship is sometimes on and sometimes off. For now, though, they are married.

People saw Angela and Michael shopping together.

On November 11, a fan of the show 90 Day Fiancé saw Angela and Michael at the grocery store. The fan who posted the photo wrote, “Lmao, I can’t believe I was star-struck.”

 Are they in the U.S.

Angela and Michael have been waiting for years for the US government to approve Michael’s spouse’s visa. The main reason for the delay in getting the visa is the COVID-19 pandemic. Some fans thought that the picture proved that Michael and Angela were finally in the US. Other fans, though, pointed out that it was still in Nigeria.
One Reddit user said something about the brand of diapers in the background of the picture. They wrote, “Molfix is an African diaper brand.” “They are not in the U.S.,” said another fan. Not only the L on one box of cereal, as you said, but also the 700g on the top shelf of cereal.”

There have been rumours that Michael was seen at an airport in the US, but there is no proof that this is true. Surprisingly, it looks like the two people are still together, but they are still in Nigeria.

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