Are Mike and Natalie Still Together: is It True That They Have Remarried?

Are Mike and Natalie Still Together: Fans of 90 Days to a Wife know Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva’s story well by now, and it’s just becoming more complex. After barely six months of marriage, Natalie decided to leave Mike and go to Florida, where she now stars in Season 3 of 90 Days: The Single Life. However, despite Natalie’s public dating and Mike’s suspected dating life, the couple remains legally married.

When did Natalie and Mike first appear on 90 Day Fiance? Season 7; when did they appear on the flagship show? Season 8; and when did they appear on Happily Ever After? Season 6? Both Mike and Natalie had previously been on 90-Day Diaries and The Single Life, respectively. It appears that both parties are thinking again about their past romance.

While Natalie’s native Ukraine was in the thick of the civil conflict, Mike sent her money to help her mother escape to Bulgaria. This action forced Natalie to return to Sequim, Washington to get her belongings and have a talk with Mike about what went wrong in their relationship.
This week on The Single Life, Natalie and Mike talk again, and they lay it all out on the table—their feelings, their guilt, and their dreams for the future.

Are Mike and Natalie Still Together?

On the show “The Single Life,” Natalie and Mike appear to be moving toward a potential reunion; but, in real life, they may already be back together. The previous week, Natalie was observed shooting in St. Petersburg, Florida, which may indicate that she may reprise her role as a cast member in a subsequent season of The Single Life. It’s also possible that she’s filming for something different at the moment.

Because neither Mike nor Natalie have dropped any clues or made any public pronouncements on social media about getting back together, it is difficult to speculate about how well their meeting went or whether or not they have chosen to give dating another shot.

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When Did Mike and Natalie Split?

For the first time, Mike’s uncle Beau Lawrence has verified to In Touch exclusively that the couple split up in March of 2021. “She has not been home for a few of months now,” the former season 8 cast member said. “She can stay away for all I care.” He said, “I’m praying [their relationship] is finished for good.” To God, I pray.

Are Mike and Natalie Still Together
In June of that year, Uncle Beau and Mike’s next-door neighbor Tamara appeared on the “Kiki and Kibbitz” podcast together. According to Tamara, Mike and Natalie did break up, and Natalie left Mike’s residence on Christmas Eve, 2020. Natalie has since relocated to Florida, while her former partner remains in the Evergreen State.

The Story of How Mike and Natalie First Met

The seventh season of 90 Day Fiance was when we first got to see Mike and Natalie together on the show. When they found out that two of their mutual friends were expecting a child, they asked both of them to be the child’s godparents. This is how they were brought together and made acquainted with one another.

They began exchanging texts, and after some time, Mike went to Natalie’s residence in Kyiv, which is the capital city of Ukraine and a major city in the country. After some time had passed, he ultimately made his proposal to her in Paris, and the two of them started a new life together after accepting one other’s marriage proposals.

Natalie Mordovtseva Would Like Mike Youngquist to Come Back

When Natalie travels to Sequim to confront Mike, the two of them are going to wind up sitting down together and having a conversation about their connection. Natalie will confess to Mike that she loves him and apologize to him, telling him, “I made a significant error in choosing to part ways with Michael. We care for one another, and if, for instance, we decide to get back together, I will do all in my power to make it work.

Mike is going to point out to Natalie that “I waited a very long time, Natalie. I’ve just waited — sat here. That particular portion of it just cut me deep, you know?” adding, “When the day was through, you made your bed.” You ventured out into the world to pursue your goals, and you succeeded in doing so. It just cost us.” Natalie recommended that she and Mike move back in together to save their marriage, but she cautioned Mike to take his time in deciding whether or not to take her up on the offer.

Mike was caught aback when Natalie expressed an interest in rekindling what they had previously, and he later said in confidence, “I never believed Natalie would want to get back together.” In continuation, she said this about their meeting: “We truly had our finest chat to yet.” I was genuinely surprised when Natalie opened up to me and apologized, but I suppose that it was about time she did so. When Mike had finished expressing his thoughts on the matter, he continued by saying, “I still love Natalie, but I don’t know. Is she keeping us in her thoughts at all? Or just pondering things related to herself?”

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