Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together: What Were The Reasons That Led To Pedro And Chantel Getting A Divorce?

lets see Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together, Fans of the show 90 Days Fiance wanted to know whether or not Pedro and Chantel, the couple featured on the show, are still together. What’s the status of Pedro and Chantel’s relationship? It would appear that the couple has initiated the divorce process in order to put an end to their life together as a married couple, which was something that both of them desired.

Continue reading the article that is provided below to learn more about whether or not Pedro and Chantel are still together.

90 Day Fiance

Only foreign nationals who are engaged to U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for a K-1 visa, and the American reality television series 90 Day Fiancé on TLC follows couples who have either applied for or been granted a K-1 visa. Couples who find themselves in this predicament have a window of three months to tie the knot.

On January 12, 2014, the premiere of the first episode of the nine-season television series was broadcast. The application process for a K-1 visa serves as the inspiration for this show. With this visa, the foreign fiance will be able to travel to the United States and live with their future spouse who is an American citizen.

Chantel And Pedro From 90 Day Fiance

Chantel and Pedro, who appeared on the show 90 Day Fiancé and went through a lot together on national television, make up one of the show’s most attractive couples. Chantel Everett, a native of the United States of America, and Pedro Jimeno, a native of the Dominican Republic, first became acquainted while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

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Because Pedro only spoke Spanish when they first started dating, there was an initial communication barrier between them; however, he quickly picked up English and that became less of an issue.

Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together

Even though Chantel, the star of The Family Chantel, has recently been through a painful experience, Pedro Jimeno has gone ahead and filed for divorce from her. Even though she recently became a single woman and is the star of The Family Chantel, Chantel Jimeno’s divorce from Pedro Jimeno is still in the process of being finalized.

Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together

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On July 7, it was disclosed that Pedro had submitted a petition for divorce to Chantel, the woman he had been engaged to for ninety days, on May 27. Since April 27 they had been living their separate lives. Despite the fact that the fourth season of The Family Chantel depicts Chantel’s marriage of almost five years to be in the process of disintegrating, she appears to be doing much better these days.

What Led to The Divorce of Pedro and Chantel?

According to In Touch, Pedro Everett and Chantel Everett ended their marriage on May 27, after having been together for six years. Their marriage came to a head in the fourth season of the program due to Pedro’s consistent use of the word “lazy” to describe his wife and his belief that she wasn’t being as supportive as he had been in the past in their relationship.

Chantel was under the impression that her partner was neglecting her because he spent a lot of time at work, and she believed this to be the case. Putting My Family on Display According to reports, the star of the television show Chantel, Chantel Jimeno, has broken her silence regarding her divorce from Pedro Jimeno.

On August 25, Chantel, who is 31 years old, posted a message on her Instagram Stories in which she expressed her gratitude to the supportive women in her life as well as the women who had been providing her with doses of stimulant. Sisters, I am Grateful for Your Help.

Pedro and His Family, Along with His Wealth

The 90-Day Fiancé couple Chantel and Pedro are reuniting for a new season of their reality show, The Family Chantel. In this exclusive first look at the opening of the second season of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff showcasing the couple and their tense family drama, Chantel, age 29, and Pedro, age 28, are still plainly at odds when it comes to the families from which they come from.

The show focuses on the couple and their heated family drama. Even so, the couple was forced to contend with a myriad of problems, the most significant of which were the heated disagreements they had not only with one another but also with their own families. The couple did end up getting married and now make their home in Atlanta, Georgia; however, their problems have not been resolved.

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