Ark 2: Release Date Status, Gameplay, Trailers and Everything We Know!

Are you interested in learning more about the release date of Ark 2? DayZ, Rust, Subnautica, and Ark: Survival Evolved stood out in the open-world survival game zeitgeist of the 2010s, which saw many various attempts to tackle the genre. With dinosaurs and prehistoric animals populating the island in this game, players fought for dominance and control over the island’s population.

Ark 2 will be announced at the 2020 Game Awards along with Vin Diesel’s involvement as a professional actor and nerd, as well as a confirmed animated series with a star-studded cast. With the release of Ark 2 slated for the next generation, it will be able to take advantage of this new technology. The Ark sequel is almost here, and we’ve got all the details you need to know about when it will be released, how it will play out, and who will be playing Vin Diesel in it.

Ark 2 Release Date

For now, Ark 2 doesn’t have a release date, but its release window is set for 2020. It might be months or perhaps a full year before we get our hands on it. Although the first game remained in early access for over two years until its final release, no word was given on whether or not a sequel would start in the same manner.

Ark 2 Gameplay and Story

For Ark 2, Studio Wildcard has announced that the island sandbox will remain the same, with the same variety of ancient fauna for players to both fight and tame. Aside from dinosaurs, Ark also features legendary creatures and robots, which were added in subsequent upgrades to the original game.

The wildcard may want to build on the original Ark’s systems to make Ark 2 even better. Crafting, gathering, taming, combat, and exploring were the most common activities. There was also a backstory to the game, which could be gleaned through the game’s lore. We don’t know if the next game will follow the same path, but the inclusion of Vin Diesel makes us believe that it will be more story-driven than the original.

Players have the option of playing the game in single-player or multiplayer mode, allowing them to customize their gaming experience. Start from scratch with a newer version of the game, as the old has begun to deteriorate due to all the upgrades and additions that have been made over the years.

Ark Survival Evolved 2
Ark Survival Evolved 2

Ark 2 Vin Diesel

Some people were taken aback when they saw Diesel in the Ark 2 teaser, although he’s been in the gaming industry for quite some time. First seen as Riddick in the first two Chronicles of Riddick games, and he even owns Tigon Studios, a production company.

After spending over 1000 hours playing the original game, he decided to get part in the sequel. In addition to his role as a character in the game, he serves as an Executive Producer and provides direct feedback to the production team.

Studio Wildcard’s ‘President of Creative Convergence,’ serves as Executive Producer for both the game and the animated series.

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Ark 2 Platforms

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles will be the only ones to get the game at launch, therefore it won’t be available on the PlayStation 5 until afterward. This shouldn’t have any impact on the PC launch, which is scheduled to occur at the same time as the Xbox launch. Not to mention, the game is supposed to run smoothly on Xbox One X.

Ark 2 Trailers

With the upcoming Game Awards taking place in less than a month, it’s feasible that we’ll hear more about Ark: Survival Evolved. Many people thought it was a CGI trailer, even though it was fully generated using the in-game engine and even featured some real assets. This is where Vin Diesel’s role in the franchise was confirmed, thus he makes an appearance.

Trailer footage depicts a group of indigenous tribesmen traversing harsh jungle terrain, with Diesel acting as a sort of leader, keeping an eye on his putative daughter. Some humanoid-looking monsters with ashen skin and orc-like teeth ambush them, but they manage to keep on for a little while longer. Suddenly, a dinosaur comes rampaging through the forest and kills a couple of the tribals and Neanderthals while Diesel is fighting some of them.

After escaping, they find themselves trapped in a cave after a dinosaur ran into the entrance, causing boulders to fall and blocking the entrance. During their exploration of the cave, the tribals discover a piece of technology that reveals Diesel’s name to be Santiago Da Costa. The clip closes with an image of them looking out into the distance as they exit the cave.

There are no spoilers in the video, but it does give a taste of what to expect from the sequel, while also hinting at a larger story.

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