Arkansas Guy Finds 3.29-carat Brown Diamond

In the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Bear State, an Arkansas man discovered a 3.29-carat brown diamond earlier this month.

David Anderson, a resident of Murfreesboro, has frequented the park and has discovered more than 400 diamonds there since 2007.

On March 4, he discovered the gem while wet-sifting dirt in the park’s 37.5-acre diamond hunting area.

I first believed it to be quartz, but I questioned why it was so bright, Anderson said. “After I took it up, I saw it was a diamond,” the person said.

The gem is the biggest diamond discovered in the park this year, according to park authorities.

CBS News also covered the news of brown diamond on their official Twitter account:

Anderson discovered the Crater of Diamonds State Park almost fifteen years ago while watching the Travel Channel. In 2007, he went to the park for the first time.

“I was captivated after finding my first diamond, a 1.5-carat white one!” stated Anderson. His achievements include a 6.19-carat white stone in 2014 and a 3.83-carat yellow diamond in 2011.

The fortunate guy chose the abbreviation B.U.D., or “Big Ugly Diamond,” for the diamond.

Park Interpreter Tayler Markham characterized Mr. Anderson’s diamond as being approximately the size of an English pea, with a light brown tint and an octahedron form. It exhibits the metallic sheen common to all diamonds discovered in the park, along with a surface that has partly resorbed and many inclusions.

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