Marvel Movie ‘Armor Wars’ Release Date, Cast, and How Armor Wars Has Been Used So Far in the MCU?

In the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film Armor Wars, War Machine will get his due. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes was originally seen in the MCU’s inaugural film, Iron Man (2008), starring Terrence Howard as the title character.

Don Cheadle replaced Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, and he’s become an integral part of the franchise ever since. Armor Wars, on the other hand, provides Rhodey with the opportunity to star in his own film and establish that War Machine is more than simply Tony Stark’s sidekick.

Armor Wars, based on the comic book scenario of the same name, will deal with Tony Stark’s worst nightmare coming true as his technology falls into the wrong hands and forces Rhodey to take action.

Once planned as an MCU Disney+ series, the project has been raised to movie status, raising expectations for a larger blockbuster story that may or may not have ties to the wider MCU narrative. While there hasn’t been a lot of buzz around Armor Wars as of late, some new information is sure to pique fans’ interest.

Armour Wars Release Date Speculation

There has been no announcement on the Armour Wars’ release date as of May 2023. The release date of the action film is unknown, but it won’t be before the year 2024 at the earliest.

This is because Armour Wars’ production has been quite complex. This was supposed to be a Marvel series for Disney Plus. A complete feature film adaptation of the narrative is presented in the works; quite a 180!

Although the new release date is unknown, it seems doubtful that it will be in 2023, when Cheadle will already be quite busy with the production of the picture Secret Invasion. Our best guess is a release in 2024 or 2025 as part of Marvel Phase 6; stay tuned for further updates.

Armour Wars Cast Speculation

Armour Wars Cast Speculation 

It is expected that several Marvel Cinematic Universe regulars will return for Armour Wars. Don Cheadle is slated to play Colonel James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, and Ant-Man’s Walton Goggins is in talks to play Sonny Burch.

At this time, no more names have been made public. However, there are a lot of rumors floating around online about prospective new cast members.

Some have speculated that Sam Rockwell, who last appeared in Iron Man 2, may reprise his role as Justin Hammer in Armour Wars. This is because the film’s title alludes to a specific plot point in the comic book starring the character.

Dominque Thorne’s Riri Williams is another option. It only makes it natural to have Riri, aka Ironheart, in the upcoming action film, given her status as Iron Man’s spiritual successor and the magnificent suit at her disposal.

Finally, Emily Vancamp’s character, Sharon Carter, might make an appearance in Armour Wars. She appeared in the TV movies The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when Rhodey made his final Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) appearance while still mourning the loss of his companion.

Although only Cheadle has been officially announced for the cast, there are undoubtedly many more actors that will be appearing in Armour Wars. As soon as we hear any news, you’ll be the first to know.

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How Armor Wars Has Been Used So Far in the MCU

Even if Armor Wars hasn’t been done in the MCU yet, fans of the Iron Man trilogy will be aware of the character’s potential as a villain. The idea that bad guys will take Iron Man’s blueprints and use them for evil has been explored before. At the conclusion of the first Iron Man film in 2008, Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) built the Iron Monger armor based on Iron Man’s suit and fought Tony Stark.

Then there was the situation in Iron Man 2 where Justin Hammer tried to steal Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit and the government got involved. Then, in Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian’s (Guy Pearce) theft of Stark’s Extremis technology became his primary obstacle. Tony recalled their intense fight at the end of the film to Bruce Banner in the hilarious post-credits sequence in Iron Man 3.

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