Ash Gutermuth Husband: Who is the Spouse of the Comedian?

Ashley Gutermuth is a well-known public figure, comedian, internet celebrity, influencer on social media, and actor. After winning the Seinfeld Challenge on The Tonight Show in 2020, Ashley became well-known.

Her amazing sense of humor has contributed to her success in making a name for herself. Ashley was born in the US state of New Jersey in 1998. Read this post to learn about Ash Gutermuth’s spouse.

Who is Ash Gutermuth’s Husband?

William Gutermuth is Ashley’s spouse. In addition to being a full-time reservist in the Air Force, he is an Air Reserve technician. Recently Ash shared a post Instagram post with her husband and wrote in a caption, “It was beautiful and Bruce didn’t bring a gift but he was absolutely hammered during the ceremony.”


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Ashley Gutermuth and William dated for a long period prior to being married. Then, they performed a covert wedding ceremony in front of their loved ones. The spouse of Ashley Gutermuth is twenty years her senior. As of the writing of this essay, no details on Ashley’s children were known.

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They are both really kind people. The stand-up comic is hoping that her humor will draw the necessary attention to the issue. It’s evident from videos that Ashley Gutermuth is an amazing comedian—even when her spouse isn’t—that she sleeps well.

Ash Gutermuth Husband
Ash Gutermuth Husband

It’s evident from her videos that she enjoys stirring things up. On TikTok, she makes jokes about how her role as a military spouse is to “screw the troops,” and she also posts films mocking the shared parenting game.

This much information about her personal life is currently available. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything new. You can view our most recent posts and follow us on Twitter.

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