South Salem High School Caught a Student With a Gun

Police in Salem say that a 17-year-old student at South Salem High School was caught with a loaded gun and a knife late Wednesday morning.

Someone told the police that a student had sent them a video message on social media saying they were at school with a gun. The police went to the school just before noon. Officers worked with staff from Salem-Keizer Public Schools to figure out who the student was and find him or her.

Police said that as officers got closer, the student ran out of the school. He was stopped and taken into custody at a car. The police said that he had a knife on him. Police say that they got a warrant and searched his car and backpack, where they found a gun that was already loaded.

“Our patrol officers did a great job today,” Deputy Chief Jake Burke said in a news release. “They responded quickly to a threat and stopped it before anything bad could happen.” “We’d also like to thank the staff at Salem-Keizer Schools, who helped us a lot in this situation.”

At South Salem High School, a Student Was Apprehended Carrying a Firearm

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Because the student is a minor, the Salem Police Department has not said what his name is. He was taken to the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center because he was suspected of having a gun in a public building, carrying a knife without showing it, and having a gun that he wasn’t allowed to have.

The school’s administration sent a letter to South Salem High families telling them about the arrest and asking them to talk to their kids about what is and isn’t allowed at school.

“I know this is very scary news, and I want to thank our staff, our law enforcement partners, and our district safety and security team for their help. We care most about the safety of our staff and students, and we will always do everything we can to keep them safe “read the letter.

Here is the tweet by fox12oregon A 17-year-old South Salem High School student is in custody after taking a loaded gun to school Wednesday, according to the Salem Police Department

In the letter, parents were also reminded that they could use SafeOregon to report non-emergency school safety concerns at, by calling or texting 844-472-3367, or by sending an email to Calling 911 is always the best way to report an emergency.

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