Atlanta Shooting Suspect Gunman Arrested After Fatally Shooting One Woman and Injuring Others

Police have detained an “armed and dangerous” gunman who was on the run after reportedly shooting five ladies.

On Wednesday afternoon, Deion Patterson, 24, is suspected of opening fire in the waiting area of an Atlanta medical institution, killing one woman and injuring four others.

Police issued repeated advisories to the public to avoid the “armed and dangerous” suspect while he was still at large for several hours.

Police “were descending on this area,” according to Atlanta Police Department Chief Darin Schierbaum, and Mr. Patterson was able to flee the scene after carjacking a vehicle a “short distance” away.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the shooting took place inside a Northside Medical building on West Peachtree Street.

People in the vicinity of the hospital had previously been urged by police to “secure their building and shelter in place,” and others had been told to stay away as an investigation was underway.

The tweet below confirms the news:

In the waiting area of the facility, a shooter opened fire, leaving one woman, 39, dead at the scene and four other women wounded.

According to Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens, the injured women, ages 25, 39, 56, and 71, are “fighting for their lives at Grady Hospital.”

After killing five ladies on the 11th story of a Northside medical facility just after noon, authorities claim Patterson stole a car and fled.

Investigators reviewed traffic and security cameras after receiving information that the gunman may have entered Cobb County. They discovered that the vehicle that resembled the one he was driving had entered Cobb County around 12.30 p.m., according to police Sgt. Wayne Delk.

A huge search effort was launched in the county to the northwest of Atlanta after that discovery.

Delk reported that Atlanta police discovered the car in a parking garage close to the Battery, a mixed-use building next to the Atlanta Braves stadium.

The US Coast Guard stated in a statement that Patterson joined the organization in 2018 and was relieved of duty in January. At the time, he was a second-class electrician’s mate.

Reward offered for suspect’s capture in shooting incident

A reward of up to $10,000 was being offered by Crime Stoppers for information that resulted in the suspect’s capture and indictment.

Cassidy Hale, a medical device representative, claimed to have been driving to the location at the time of the shooting to check on a machine in the structure’s outpatient surgical center on the 12th level.

Hale had seen firetrucks, but until she parked and discovered the elevator wasn’t operating, she was unaware that anything was wrong. Hale claimed she called the manager of the operating room, who advised her to return to her car because there was an active shooter.

Hale claimed that police prevented her from exiting the parking garage, searched each vehicle, and then led her outside to do an interview.

Following that, she gathered with other staff members and patients in a building across the street, where she claimed that “everyone was really in shock” and “trying to process what was going on.”

The shooting occurs in 2023, a year that has seen a spike in gun violence and mass shootings in US cities.

US Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia spoke on the Senate floor shortly after the shooting to condemn gun violence and implore his colleagues to pursue gun legislation.

During a 12-minute address, the Democrat stated, “There have been so many mass shootings that tragically, we act as if this is routine.” “We act as if this is commonplace. It’s not right.

In addition, the pastor from Atlanta said: “I shudder to say it, but the truth is, in a real sense, it’s only a matter of time that this kind of tragedy comes knocking on your door.”

In a statement released Wednesday night, Georgia’s other US Senator and fellow Democrat Jon Ossoff echoed his colleague: “The level of gun violence in America today is unconscionable and unacceptable, and policymakers at all levels have a responsibility to ensure public safety and implement long-overdue reforms.”

A reward of up to $10,000 was being offered by Crime Stoppers for information that resulted in the suspect’s capture and indictment.

According to authorities, a car that matched the description of the one the shooter was driving was discovered in a parking lot next to the baseball stadium.

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