Auburn Police Seeking Guy Accused Of Kidnapping Barista

The Auburn Police Department is now conducting a manhunt for the individual who is suspected of attempting to kidnap a barista through a drive-thru window early on Monday morning. The operation is focused on locating the culprit.

Auburn police seeking guy accused of kidnapping barista

source: yahoo

The culprit can be seen pulling up to the window in the video of the incident that was captured by surveillance cameras and made public by the police.

After that, he takes the barista’s arm and tries to drag her outside while simultaneously holding a looped zip tie in the other hand. He did this while he was inside the establishment.

The barista was able to drive away the trespasser and go away unscathed from the precarious scenario. After that, the video shows the man driving away while throwing cash on the ground before he leaves. After that, the man drives away.

The authorities are keeping their fingers crossed that they will be able to identify the perpetrator because he has a distinguishing tattoo on his left forearm that appears to read “Chevrolet.”

Anyone who believes they may have information on the identity of the suspect is strongly asked to call the tip line at the Auburn Police Department, which can be reached at the number 253-288-7403.

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