Audrey Roloff Cancel a Trip Because Her Son Radley Was Sick

Alumni of Little People, Big World The sickness of Audrey Roloff’s son, Radley, forced the actress to abort her plans, which she shared with her adoring public. When her youngest kid became ill, she had to cancel her plans to go.

It may come as a surprise, but Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are the proud parents of three young children: Ember, 5, Bode, 2, and Radley, ten months. Despite their departure from TLC’s LPBW, they remain active on social media and have urged fans to follow along.

Due to Radley’s Sickness, Audrey Roloff Cancels Her Trip

On Monday, Audrey posted a selfie on her Instagram Stories showing her bag and backpack on the floor. She finished by affixing a “Happy Anniversary” sticker.

She elaborated on the meaning of the photo and expressed her sadness. Jeremy Roloff’s wife had prepared a romantic getaway for the couple. It would be a big surprise for him because, on September 20, they will be celebrating eight years of marriage. They take turns each year organizing a party, and her time came up.

Unfortunately, their plans fell through just hours before their flight.

In her words, “around 2 am last night, we agreed not to go,” the former TLC star explained their decision to stay in bed. Radley is unwell, and I seem to be catching whatever he has. While this news upset her, she acknowledged that she knew it was inevitable in parenthood.

Audrey Roloff Cancel a Trip

It’s Not the First Time Something Like This Has Occurred

The occurrence was not the first time, as Audrey Roloff mentioned in her Instagram Story. Ember, their daughter, fell ill in the year 2021. They were similarly compelled to forego last year’s anniversary party.

As Audrey put it, this is all for the course when arranging a September wedding.

An adorable snapshot of Radley from a couple of months ago is below.

I pray that Radley and Audrey Roloff quickly recover their health. This vacation cancellation has devastated the mother of three. Perhaps, whether they postpone this trip or choose something more low-key this year, she and Jeremy will find another excellent way to mark their anniversary.

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