Ayumu Murase Becomes a VTuber with New Avatar Designed by Raita Kazama

Along with voice actors Rie Tanaka (Lacus Clyne in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed) and Soichiro Hoshi (Kira Yamato in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed), voice actor Ayumu Murase has served as the official ambassador for the Tokyo-based YouTube agency Kiii’s newly-launched VTuber agency viins since May.

They are slated to take part in online events and other activities, and Murase’s VTuber activities avatar has officially been made public. Newly created by Raita Kazama, who is most known for his work on Border Break and Puzzle & Dragons, is the character with a neutral appearance.

On Twitter, Murase writes, “Look at this! I requested that Kazama-sensei sketch it for us, and it was accomplished! I’m overjoyed! He responded with a gorgeous illustration that much outdid the request I had provided him. This is how to be professional.

Tanaka and Hoshi’s VTuber activities are also scheduled to begin in the future. He will disclose when he begins using this avatar for VTuber activities at a later time.

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