Is Bank Robbers the Final Great Heist Based on Fact?

Netflix’s The Great Heist follows the story of a group of Colombian criminals that rob the Republic Bank of about 24 billion pesos. It’s based on a heist that took place in 1994 and was the biggest ever. As a result, nearly all of the key characters are combined or modified, and many significant events are altered or changed. That being said, what was the main plot?

The events depicted in this film happened in real life. The “robbery of the century” at the Banco de la Repblica (Bank of the Republic) occurred on October 16–17, 1994, however, the scheme had been in motion since June of 1994. Benigno Suárez Rincón was the brains behind the plan, and Alexander Flórez Salcedo was his sidekick. They hired Jaime Bonilla Esquivel, a bank monitor, and Juan Carlos Carrillo Pea, the head of the judicial police, to investigate the bank’s surveillance.

Carrillo Pea was able to supply Bonilla Esquivel with knowledge about the bank’s security 20 days before the robbery, which was discussed by the group in Valledupar’s center square. Meanwhile, Elkin Susa, the heist’s financier, bought welding rods from Canada and arranged for three persons to learn to use them in Bogota. Elkin Susa In the end, they managed to devastate a bank vault. On the 14th of October, just days before the heist, they returned some tools. Carrillo Pea and Bonilla Esquivel met for lunch on October 15th.

Bonilla Esquivel may have been trying to fool the cops when they met with the second lieutenant, so it’s unclear if the theft was going place at the time. According to them, the crime will be committed the next day. They instructed the cops to pretend that the bank was conducting routine maintenance and that if the alarm went off, they would respond. On Saturday, October 15, around 6 a.m., the actual robbery began.

Because it was a holiday weekend, the assailants arrived in a red Dodge pickup and pretended to be working on the bank’s air conditioning. Several of the assailants entered the bank and unlocked the bank’s garage door to allow the automobile to enter. From the Hotel Sicarare, Suárez Rincón and Bonilla Esquivel could see the bank while they waited. The truck was spotted by the surveillance camera just before 6:15 a.m. When the vehicle entered, Carrillo Pea and the other lieutenants began their rounds of surveillance.

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To open the bank, a maintenance worker named Winston Tarifa, who had frequent contact with Bonilla Esquivel, was entrusted with the task of helping. The bank was also home to three other security officers, all of whom were restrained and in danger. The power fell out in the middle of the robbery, delaying the burglary by 18 hours and requiring the burglars to stay in the bank for welding tools.

An armored door was set on fire, a pipe in a nearby lavatory was broken, and an auxiliary entrance was used to gain entry to the main crypt where the money was stolen. Attackers were last seen fleeing security cameras at 2:51 a.m. local time, almost 21 hours after they struck. In the control room, Tarifa was imprisoned with fake explosives. Bonilla Esquivel had checked out of the hotel early on Monday, October 17th.

A mattress maker was visited by the attackers, where they placed the stolen money into two beer delivery trucks. As soon as they learned that one of the bank’s security guards had escaped, they immediately alerted the police. The banks were able to identify the stolen bank notes quickly because of their serial numbers. In exchange for banknotes with freely circulated serial numbers, the thieves sold the notes for half their face value.

State Sub-Directorate of Judiciary and Investigation, the National Police, and the Attorneys General’s Office, all work together to investigate and prosecute. In addition, the Administrative Services of Security were investigating the “robbery of the century. After identifying Bonilla Esquivel and mentioning his identity to the media, the group of attackers offered him money for his surrender. Suárez Rincón and Carrillo Pea were two of 26 people convicted in prison for their roles in the murder; others were acquitted.

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Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist Details

In the United States, The Movie will be released on August 10, 2022. The show’s narrative is orchestrated by Chayo. He lived a life of crime his entire adult life. When Chayo’s daughter and wife go into his front jewelry business, they think he’s making a respectable living. Considering how disastrously his most recent robbery went, he’s in a lot of debt at the start of the series. He decides to break into the vault of Columbia’s largest bank. Threats to his life from the mafia give him the financial backing needed to fund anything he wants.

As Chayo’s collaborator in the crime, Molina has a great animosity for him and serves as one of the show’s most important storylines. When they committed their previous robbery, Chayo predicted they’d have more time to get away. An officer shot Molina, who suffered irreversible kidney damage as a result. To get the money he needs for surgery, Molina initially refuses Chayo’s new plan but eventually accepts it unwillingly. Because he doesn’t trust Chayo, Molina considers quitting during one of the preparation stages.

It becomes increasingly difficult to penetrate the vaults, and new security guards arrive, prompting Molina to accuse Chayo of forcing them to commit suicide. The thief rejects Chayo’s promises and considers leaving the hotel room where he is helping Chayo arrange the robbery across the street from the bank altogether. Chayo is at the heart of the gang’s assault in The Great Heist. To enter the bank’s vault, he is leading his team through every obstacle they find.

In an interview with El Colombiano, Andrés Parra, who portrays Chayo, talked about how he thought this was a particularly attractive character attribute. The show never mentions the involvement of a government figure. Lt. Caicedo confessed that the robbery’s participants first brought some money to the mansion of Governor Cerchar. They assumed it was an area that the cops couldn’t access.

Even the getaway driver in the episode is dating Miguel, a police officer. Even tells Miguel about the robbery and advises that they threaten another gang member, Dragon, to get more of the stolen money. Under Miguel’s instruction, corrupt cops invade Dragon’s home and threaten to kill his wife until he reveals where his money is buried. They assume he has another cache somewhere else, but he yields.

Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist Streaming Online?

The movie Bank Robbers Will be launched on Netflix and Entertainment for the viewers.

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