Before The Moore County Attack And Another Power Station In North Carolina Was Turned Off

Three weeks before someone shot at and hurt two power substations in Moore County, North Carolina, someone on purpose turned off power to a substation near the town of Maysville in eastern North Carolina.

On Friday, November 11, the substation was broken, which cut power to about 12,000 homes and businesses that the Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative serves.

CCEC says it was able to reroute power around the station and fully restore power in about two hours.

A few days after the incident, the cooperative put a statement on its website calling it “vandalism.” The company said that vandals broke transformers and caused them to leak coolant oil, but the statement didn’t explain how.

Melissa Glenn, the company’s spokeswoman, said this week that the company won’t say anything else about the damage.

Before The Moore County Attack And Another Power Station In North Carolina Was Turned Off

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“Right now, we’re not going to say anything because the investigation is still going on and it’s not related to anything else going on in Moore County,” Glenn said in an interview. “And we’ll tell people about that as soon as the authorities give us permission to do so.”

With help from the State Bureau of Investigation, the Jones County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the investigation. A spokeswoman for the SBI told people with questions to contact the sheriff’s office, which did not answer a request for comment.

In the company’s statement, Jake Joplin, who is the general manager and CEO of CCEC, asked the person who did it to come forward.

“This act of vandalism is stupid and wrong,” Joplin said. “Those who attacked our system should know that CCEC and the police will not stop until they are caught and punished. They must also be aware that attacking the power grid is a very bad crime.”

The CCEC substation is in a lonely part of North Carolina. 58 about five miles outside of Maysville, which is about halfway between Jacksonville and New Bern. Around the station is a chain-link fence with barbed wire on top.

Aside from saying that the equipment was hit by gunfire and that the shooters knew what they were doing, the agencies looking into the Moore County attacks haven’t said much about what happened. When substations in Carthage and west of Pinehurst went out of service about an hour apart on Saturday evening, more than 45,000 Duke Energy customers lost power.

The outage in Moore County lasted for days while the company replaced large pieces of broken equipment that couldn’t be fixed. The work was done by Wednesday morning, and almost everyone in the county had power back by 5 p.m.

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