Ben Napier Weight Loss: How Was His Journey Towards Getting Slim?

Benjamin Napier’s slimming down. He presents the home improvement program Home Town on HGTV. It’s a hit among HGTV viewers because of its focus on repairing old houses.

Since its 2016 premiere, five full seasons of the show have been shown. Ben, a carpenter, went to university and studied history.

Erin’s prior professional experience is as a corporate graphic designer. Thanks to their shared enthusiasm for both history and aesthetics, Home Town stands out from the competition.

Ben Napier Biography

Napier began his academic career at the University of Mississippi. Before becoming the restoration mastermind we all know and love, Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts in history.

Ben has made multiple appearances on news and talk shows before obtaining his series. He made his television debut on Today and has since been featured on Access Hollywood and Rachel Ray.

Due to the show’s meteoric rise in popularity, Ben and Erin were invited to make guest appearances on a number of high-profile talk shows. They were featured on such popular shows as GMA and The Drew Barrymore Show. There is no Ben Napier article on Wikipedia.

Ben Napier Weight Loss

Ben Napier’s Home

It comes as no surprise that Ben’s home has been recognized as an industry leader in terms of refurbishment. His Instagram showcases a beautiful Craftsman-style home from the turn of the century.

This Laurel, Mississippi, home is like something out of an old Hollywood romance. Before Erin and her husband finally bought the house in 2017 to fulfil a lifelong dream, she had never ever set foot inside one.

Ben Napier’s Height

Considering his size, Ben Napier is, to put it mildly, a big guy. Ben, in his youth, was 6 feet six inches tall and weighed 302 pounds, therefore he had a “large physique.” His wife called him Big because of his enormous frame.

Ben Napier’s Weight Loss Journey

When Ben originally arrived in Home Town, he weighed a staggering 330 pounds. However, after having his daughter Ellen, Ben made a conscious effort to alter his lifestyle.

Because of Helen, Ben has made it a priority to improve his health so that he can be there for as much of her life as possible.

When asked about his motivation to lose weight, Ben mentioned in an interview that his grandfather had died of a stroke when his mother was just 17 years old.

It took Napier nine years, but she finally reached her weight loss goal. His diet was quite strict and challenging. It involved cutting back on carbs and fasting once in a while.

The conflict, however, persisted. Ahead of the premiere of Home Town Season 5 in the fall of 2020, Erin proudly announced that Ben has lost 55 pounds. Ben Napier still wants to be called “BIG,” despite his weight loss.

Ben Napier’s Parents and Family

Napier’s family is largely unknown outside of a few interviews and their social media pages. During the interview, he revealed that he had three brothers. Brothers Tom and Sam, the math professor and the hothead. What a guy, Jesse.

A tragedy struck his family in 2014. Ben’s dad, Wayne Napier, needed to get a bypass operation right away.

Ben Napier’s Football Career

Have you ever asked, “Did Ben play sports?” To answer your question, no, he did not. The big old woodworker Ben we all know and love is probably not the “Ben Napier” who plays football or American football.

There have been two men named “Ben Napier” in the history of American football. One such person is “Ben Napier,” a current varsity football player for the Long Beach LS Vikings.

Another, a twenty-year-old soccer player, has already taken and passed the test. The aforementioned athletes have contributed to the widespread belief that Home Town’s Ben Napier has played or is now playing football.

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