The Best Manga Like Solo Leveling That Are Actually Good

Everybody loves the webtoon smash hit Solo Leveling.

As the weakest hunter in human history, Jinwoo has come a long way from its explosive popularity thanks to its traditional hero story and eyegasm art to its upcoming deals with Netmarble for an RPG game and A-1 Pictures for an anime in 2023.

It’s not surprising that after the webcomic’s conclusion, readers who were left wanting more would look elsewhere to fill that void. The world is rife with manga and manhwa; there must be some out there.

If you’re looking for more stories and illustrations like those in Solo Leveling, this is the place to be.

Nano Machine

Nano Machine is a unique take on the traditional martial arts manhwa, known in Korea as “murim.”

Down on his luck, Cheon Yeo-Woon receives an unexpected visit from a strange descendant from the future who implants a nanomachine into his flesh.

The system Yeo-Woon inherits drastically alters his life and propels his speedy development.

It’s a fantastic tale, evocative of contemporary Chinese online novels, in which renowned practitioners of the martial art of isekai integrate many systems.

Similar to Solo Leveling, it follows a protagonist from obscurity to prominence after a stroke of luck. When Jinwoo has an accident in the dungeon, he also obtains his own “system.”

The value of art is also not to be underestimated. There are flashes of brilliance in it, and the panels are drawn with a lot of care.

The fact that Nano Machine is a relatively unknown webtoon is unfair to the quality of its artwork.

Berserk Of Gluttony

The graphite of ill fortune. After his father passes away, the villagers cast him out because they no longer have any use for his Gluttony skill. His unique name is about all he has going for him.

This proficiency simply serves to increase his appetite. He certainly never would have guessed that it was a powerful Mortal Sin ability.

If the author can develop a clear route toward world-building and distinct characters, this comic has a lot of potential.

The graphic style of Berserk of Gluttony is typical of Japanese comics, with lots of detail and somewhat generic-looking characters. Only the covers and occasional splash pages include color.

Thankfully, manhwa has introduced us to the wonderful world of color comics.

Destiny, like Jinwoo, is a weakling who grows in strength with time. Both main characters are hardened warriors who are capable of extreme cruelty.

Legend of the Moonlight Sculptor

Lee Hyun, also known as Weed in Royal Road, is a slave to his financial situation. He is a miserly devil who worships at the altar of money.

But he is so skilled at playing games. He is so materialistic that he will work long hours for the sake of a single object.

Lucky for Weed, he gets to be known as the Moonlight Sculptor. His exploits go down in history as legendary, garnering him both fans and foes.

Despite his many flaws, Weed has a deep love for his family and seeks to provide for them in whatever way he can.

Both manhwas share a focus on gaming mechanics, as well as a focus on character development from weak to overpowering.

Even though he knows it’s dangerous, Jinwoo goes into dungeons to help pay for his sick mother’s medical costs because he cares deeply about his family.

Sword Art Online

Whether you like it or not, Sword Art Online is the original isekai. The franchise is responsible for popularizing the isekai subgenre in the early 2010s.

Kirito is a swordsman in a game of death, and SAO is his story. Kirito and the other players in the controversial VRMMO game found themselves ‘imprisoned’ on the very first day of play.

Kirito sets out on a quest to complete the game by eliminating all of the floors, killing all of the dungeon bosses, and clearing the game itself.

Both have solitary main characters who handle much of their business on their own, although Kirito has several close friends towards the end of the story.

Both have gone inside and cleared out dungeons until they have accomplished their goals and put an end to the game or the status quo.

Solo Leveling did for webtoons what SAO did for isekai and anime in general, drawing in large numbers of new readers.

Han Jihan, a carefree gamer, is the protagonist of The Gamer. One day, Jihan acquires a gaming talent, and his life starts to resemble a video game.

Ability after ability is added to Han Jihan’s repertoire as he levels up. He frequently ventures into the Abyss, a dangerous fighting zone where he encounters formidable foes and fascinating new friends.

The heroes of both The Gamer and Solo Leveling get experience and level up quickly in unique battle zones reminiscent of video games.

Jihan and Jinwoo both get servants thanks to their abilities, yet the unusual nature of Jinwoo’s Shadows makes them superior.

Kaiju No. 8

Kafka, who is 32, Hibino’s childhood ambition was to join the Defense Force. Nonetheless, he keeps on falling short.

Therefore, he decides to join the cleanup team after battles. These are the people who, after kaiju conflicts, clean up the bloody mess left behind. Sure, someone has to take care of it.

Kafka is eventually granted a chance to realize his ambition. Suddenly, a little monster parasitizes him, giving him kaiju abilities.

Both the main character of Kaiju No. 8 and Jinwoo are underdogs who get knocked around before becoming into overpowered heroes.

Both of them have the ability to make significant changes in their lives. Kafka hasn’t reached his final destination just yet, but he’s getting there.

Second Life Ranker

You probably found Second Life Ranker because you liked using Solo Leveling. The two stories have one thing in common: protagonists that are badass.

Top-notch manhwa SLR tells the tale of revenge taken by Yeon-woo after he discovers the truth about his brother’s unexplained death.

Then, Yeon-woo is sucked into the Obelisk’s chaos, a mysterious intersection of realms and universes.

Because of the Gates, Jinwoo’s world is thrown into disarray as well. Like the Obelisk, the trials inside the Gates are life or death.

Even though Solo Leveling is the best webtoon, the exploits of these other interesting MCs are also rendered in gorgeous manhwa colors.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

The lengthy title is completely justified because this fad will be around for quite some time. Bell Cranel and his exploits in the world of Orario are the subject of this well-liked manga, now more often known as DanMachi.

The story’s premise is that the gods want to experience life as mortals, so they travel to Earth and have their powers severely curtailed.

The gods empower one another through their families. Bell joined Hestia’s family through adoption.

Both Danmachi and Solo Leveling appear to have game mechanics revolving around dungeons and leveling up.

The protagonists of both novels face perilous situations inside the dungeons, yet they ultimately prevail. Nonetheless, Bell triumphs because of his tremendous determination.

In addition, Bell and Jinwoo share a tenuous connection to the divine beings of their own worlds. Both of them are interested in meeting and learning from strong, successful women whom they like.

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Omniscient Reader

You won’t want to pass up on Omniscient Reader, an isekai that’s hard to ignore. Kim Dokja, a solitary office worker, is the protagonist.

Dokja becomes lost in “Three Methods to Survive the End of the World,” his favorite web fiction. Dokja is the only one who knows the end of the world is near.

Both of these manhwas feature exciting paces and stories. The game-like quests in Omniscient Reader are also reminiscent of Solo Leveling.

The stunning color palettes bring to life the gloomy themes of both webcomics. The artwork in Omniscient Reader is nearly as good as that in Solo Leveling.


In Re:Monster, Tomokui Kanata, as in many other isekai stories, meets his tragic end at the hands of a yandere boyhood buddy. In his next incarnation, he is a humble goblin.

As the goblin Rou, Kanata does things slowly and methodically as he adjusts to his new existence. Even yet, he pursues an excessively powerful course, given the innate talent (or cheat) he was born with.

Rou’s narrative arc, from helpless to powerful, mirrors that of Jinwoo’s. While both games include dark themes, Re:Monster takes a slower, more casual approach than Solo Leveling.

Both main characters put forth a lot of effort to become the best in the world, but they take different paths to get there.

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Tower of God

One of the best manhwas is the Tower of God. The story follows Twenty-Fifth Bam as he explores the Tower.

With a main character bearing a name as out-of-the-ordinary as that one, you should know right off the bat that this won’t be your typical tale. I agree with you.

The webcomic unveils a string of mysteries on top of a vast, overarching plot that readers can’t get enough of.

Superb world-building and stories on a grand scale? Also available in Solo Leveling. The well-organized electricity system is an appealing feature shared by both.

Fans will insist, though, that Tower of God has the best storytelling, just as Solo Leveling has the best visuals.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Although not the best Arifureta isekai, this one comes closest to echoing Jinwoo’s own underdog-to-underdog origin story.

Hajime Nagumo has had the misfortune of being called to a world ruled by gods and magic. Hajime is given the largely pointless Transmutation skill.

Hajime is ridiculed and betrayed, and he ends up in a dangerous dungeon. He is in mortal danger, yet he is fighting his way back to the surface.

He will not be the same frail Hajime when he returns.

Both protagonists are abandoned and left for dead by their friends, yet they manage to keep going by risking everything. The dungeons are also where the two of them gain their abilities.

Both characters’ transformation from timid to bold is striking, as is the shift in their outlook.

Their transition into badasses is as cold-blooded as the rest of them.

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Here are some links to more upcoming TV shows, which we’ve put together for your convenience:

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