Biden Tells Election-eve Heckler, You Look Crazy  Maryland

Biden Tells Election-eve Heckler: When President Joe Biden retaliated against a heckler who tried to disrupt his rally on the eve of the midterm elections in Maryland, the atmosphere quickly became heated.

Before the Election, Biden Reportedly Told a Heckler, “You Look Nuts.” Maryland

When President Biden gave his final speech before the midterm elections on Monday in a heavily Democratic section of Maryland, he told the gathering at a historically black college that the kids there were “just as clever” and “just as bright” as those at other colleges.

In front of a mainly black audience at Bowie State University, Vice President Biden announced a $5.8 billion donation to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), saying, “HBCUs don’t have the endowments others have, but guess what? As good as any university in the United States, if not better.

The president’s comments echoed an error he made in 2019 when campaigning in Iowa when he declared that “poor kids are just as bright and smart as white kids.” During his remarks, Biden appeared to blank on the name of one of the Maryland Democrats he was supporting.

And you’ve got your future governor, of course. Who is he, and what does he go by? Biden remarked, “Wes… Wes…” as he saw several supporters of “Wes Moore” carrying signs. Say it with me now: “Wes Moore! When Biden saw the signs put up, he yelled. I can say with confidence, “This guy is the real deal.”

He’s a battle veteran and a Rhodes Scholar. To be honest, Rhodes scholars have always been a source of anxiety for me. They have a remarkable amount of intelligence. I find myself wondering. Biden elaborated. To silence a group of protesters, the president reportedly told one, “you look crazy.”

You are an embarrassment!”

At a rally for Wes Moore, a gubernatorial candidate, just outside of Washington, Biden was heckled by the first of several people. Say it with me: let him sing! Biden told the man to “let the man sing” before using a reverse heckle on another noisy visitor.


Biden Tells Election-eve Heckler
Warning: Contains Strong Language. The president warned the second heckler, who was sporting an American flag on his top hat at historically black Bowie State University, “You look insane enough to leap.” Three white individuals were identified as the hecklers who were removed, according to a pool reporter. According to a tweet by Sonia Dridi, a journalist from France 24, at least five hecklers were escorted out of the venue.

After wandering off-topic multiple times over the weekend, Biden spent only 20 minutes speaking during his sole public speech of the day and managed to stay on target.

After Vice President Joe Biden said on Friday outside San Diego, “we’re going to be shutting these [coal] facilities down throughout America and having wind and solar,” the White House delivered a contrite apology to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVa.) on Saturday.
In New York on Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden boasted that he had not increased oil drilling on federal lands, saying, “there is no more drilling… I haven’t formed any new drilling,” despite having spent months rejecting Republican blame for high gas prices, in part by blaming oil companies for not drilling more.

Biden has been avoiding swing areas where he is less popular, and in his final stump speech in Maryland, he focused primarily on Moore’s Republican opponent, state Del. In the year before the violence in the Capitol, a man named Dan Cox allegedly coordinated the transportation of protesters.

In a tweet, he called Mike Pence, the former vice president, a traitor. Biden remarked, “Give that some thought. Cox is like Michael Moore, the veteran, and author who founded and directed the Robin Hood Foundation.”
Putting on the uniform of his country and taking charge of his fellow troops in battle was, for Wes Moore, the ultimate act of patriotism. Biden remarked that his opponent’s idea of patriotism was to wear a baseball cap and encourage people to attack the Capitol.

Biden said, “we know in our bones that our democracy is at stake,” reiterating his recent remarks that the fate of American democracy could be dictated by whether voters choose Democrats.

Biden has been trying to use the Capitol brawl as a final argument against Republicans, but people are more concerned about the economy in the face of the most persistent inflation since 1981, rising interest rates, and the possibility of a recession, according to recent polls.

51% of respondents in a CNN poll issued on Wednesday said economic and inflation concerns were the most important factors in their vote, followed by concerns over abortion (15%) and “voting rights and election integrity” (9%).

Additionally released on Wednesday were a poll conducted by NPR, PBS, and Marist College, which revealed that 36% of respondents who said they would vote on November 8 cited inflation as the most significant concern, while 31% said “sustaining democracy” was most essential.

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