Black Desert Online Pc Requirements: The Good And Ugly About Black Desert Online

On this page, you may find the Black Desert Online Pc Requirements (Windows, Linux, and Mac). PC requirements for Black Desert. To provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information on your needs, we constantly update our data.

You can either conduct a test on your computer to see if it is compatible with Black Desert, or you can look at the precise system requirements for each of the supported platforms.

Black Desert Online Pc Requirements

2.9 GHz Intel Core i3-530 information processing unit RAM: 4 GB Windows 7 or a later version is required (32-bit or 64-bit)
VIDEO CARD: A GeForce 9800 GTX, Radeon HD 3870 X2, or GeForce GTS 250 that supports Pixel Shader 5 (PS5) and Vertex Shader 5 (VS5). (VS5)
The specific video memory of 512 MB; free disc space of 27 GB

Minimum Requirements For Black Desert Online Intel Core i5-650, 3.2 GHz CPU, CPU SPEED RAM: 8 GB
The operating system needs to be Windows 7 or a later version (32-bit or 64-bit)
NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD RX 480, 5.1 Shader, 4096 MB, 27 GB of free space on the hard drive, and 4096 MB of RAM.


At the recommended settings, you need a Radeon RX 480 4GB or GeForce GTX 970 4GB video card to play Black Desert Online (high graphics, 1080p resolution). With this gear, we should be able to get 60 frames per second. For Black Desert Online, you need at least 8 GB of system memory, preferably in the form of performance memory.

Black Desert Online Pc Requirements:

source: gamespot

Black Desert Online needs at least a Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics card and a Core i3-530 2.9GHz or Phenom 9500 Quad-Core CPU, which can run the game at low settings and in 720p. For the best results, you need a computer that is about 8 years old.

Is it possible to use Black Desert Online?

Because the game files are so big, you’ll need at least 27 GB of free space on your hard drive. For Black Desert Online to work on your computer, it needs at least 4 GB of RAM. Make sure you have at least 8 GB of RAM if you can to get the most out of Black Desert Online. To play Black Desert Online, you need a computer that can at least process as fast as an Intel Core i3-530.

The developers say that to play the game, you need a CPU that is at least as fast as an Intel Core i5-650. You can play the game if your graphics card is at least an ATI Radeon HD 3870. But the people who made the game say that an AMD Radeon RX 480 is the best graphics card. Black Desert Online can be played on computers with Windows 7 or a later version (32-bit or 64-bit)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Black Desert Online

Main critiques include:

  • 1: Story is not good. Here, there’s nothing else to say.
  • 2: PvP needs work. Desyncing is bad, and there’s no 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 small-scale pvp or way to wait in line for it. Don’t play capture the flag. There’s no one on top. No unique modes just 25 v 25 and random free for all arenas. No progression system for PvP. No prizes to keep you involved. You can also fight other guilds in Node wars, but being out of sync makes it impossible to play.
  • 3: Cash Shop is sneaky and takes advantage of people. You can pay $50 for a tent that lets you fix your gear and get a unique buff that makes the game better. You don’t get enough inventory or weight limit in the game, so you have to buy more from the cash shop to play well.
  • They sell skins for about $34, so you have to buy the package of 4000 pearls for $40. If the cash shop only had skins, I wouldn’t mind. However, there are so many ways that the game makes a problem and then sells you the solution that it’s just disgusting and greedy.
  • You can make a lot more silver per hour with professions if you buy a Tier 4 hedgehog pet that you can only get from the cash shop. Energy tonics sold in the cash shop give you more time to do your profession. Blessing of Old Moon buff and Kamasylvia buffs give you a better quality of life, like being able to change your character’s appearance anywhere.
  • They also give you energy buffs for your professions and exp buffs, which are only sold in the cash shop and can cost up to $60 per month. (Note: Not all buffs are needed; most people just want the $15 value pack buff, but the other ones will help you make more silver per hour than other players and level up faster.)
  • 4: There isn’t much to do in the endgame besides grinding for hours and hours to get the best gear score.

Main positives:

  • 1 – This is the best action-combat game, and the fight scenes are amazing.
  • 2 – The best pictures. Without a doubt, this game looks amazing and has great places to explore.
  • 3. An amazing character creation screen and characters made by the community. You can post a character you’ve made, and other people can vote for or against it and download your preset.
  • World bosses are awesome. Even more so when you do them for the first time. It gets boring after a while because it turns into a zergfest without you having to do much, but the idea behind it is still great.
  • 5. Playing around with professions is fun, especially bartering, which lets you ride your ship around and trade resources with other NPCs on islands.


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